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Financially Preparing For Divorce

This month the Rochester Business Journal debuted an article about women’s “Retirement at Risk” highlighting a local divorced woman. The article discussed qualitative and quantitative data around women’s finances particularly how divorced women are at a disadvantage when it comes time to retire.

While the data has merit, in my opinion, it is imperative to recognize that when it comes to divorce no one wins. In addition, rather than focusing on the outcomes why not be proactive and find a trusted advisor that can help during the transition. In response to the RBJ article, here’s my advice.

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Rebuilding Myself- One Heartbreak and One Better Choice At A Time

I lost another friend to cancer today. 39 years young. As I reflect on her life, remembering how she loved life, not only the good times, but how she never met a challenge she didn’t take on with her larger than life smile and her gracious and caring heart, I can’t help but feel guilt and sadness. I am a survivor. Survivors know what I am talking about. Happy to be alive – feeling a sense of guilt because another friend has taken their last breath while you sit looking at your email and Instagram feed.

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NOW It’s Time To Think of YOU!

Perhaps this is nothing you haven’t read about before, yet perhaps it is something you need to be reminded of, especially this time of year.  As women, wives, mothers, and grandmothers, we are generally the caregivers.  We think of and take care of everyone else during the holidays making sure the perfect gift is found, the house is decorated to bring joy to the season and the perfect parties and meals are prepared.  And then there’s the clean-up afterwards.  I hope that you’ve had help and your efforts have been appreciated.

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CEO at 15: Aarya Patel

I’m Aarya Patel. I’m 15 years old and am the CEO of my company 4Ever Dry. 4 EverDry manufacturers and sells 100% waterproof socks targeted towards anyone that doesn’t like wet feet. They are waterproof, breathable, moisture wicking, and machine washable. They are perfect for athletes, runners, hikers, campers, rowers, ski and snowboarders, anyone with a job or hobby that requires them to be outside in inclement weather, etc.

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What is Your Motivation?

So the time is here my fabulous friends. We rang in the New Year and it’s time to exclaim “New Year-New Me!!”  YAAAAYYYYYY!  Or in Laments terms, time to go to the gym and throw every naughty food out of the cupboards filling my cup up with a green leafy shake.  Um Yeah-No. Yuck.

Like my mother-in-law would say ‘No Bueno Reina!” or “No Good princess.”  I agree with Mami Soto completely. It is not a good idea. Not ove bit.  It’s a membership you forced yourself to buy along with all these “low fat” “sugar free” items. They were outrageously overpriced. We literally follow through with this charade for, I don’t know…  .5 seconds.   1…2…3…4…5…ok where’s my glass of wine now?  You see where I’m going with this?

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Beyond Her Sexuality: A Woman of Substance; ROYELLE

As an- up-and-coming, female artist, Royelle recognizes the struggle she faces entering the rap industry. Traditionally, female artists who succeed are over-sexualized and or rise-to-the-top, riding along-side a male counterpart, serving solely as their side-chick and or lover. Women artists become, known most for their body parts before their raw talent as rappers. The reoccurring story line of every music video is boobs before brains. Women dropping it like its hot, twerking derrieres, bouncing up-and-down and again, all for the pleasure of the male counterpart. Where does that leave a talented lesbian female artist?

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Menopause Transition


Sometime between ages 45 and 55, for many women, gynecologic and related health issues begin to emerge. Menstrual cycles now seem different, mood swings and memory lapses appear, and sleep becomes more chaotic, coupled with warm flushes. And the weight! Why at the mid-section? These irritating acknowledgements belie a more ominous change. During this menopause transition, loosely referred to as “perimenopause,” events are unfolding that have an impact on a woman’s cardiovascular risk.

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Education To Make Lasting Changes For Life

Happy New Year and a warm welcome to the year 2017!  Speaking of warm, as this issue of the magazine is released, I will most likely be teaching at a School for the Deaf in Hato Mayor, Dominican Republic.  

This trip follows my recent visit to Haiti as I worked with the deaf population in that country back in November.  Within two months, I will have experienced and immersed myself in the Island of Hispaniola’s need for further exploration of Deaf Education along with their desperate need for the education of Sign Language Interpreters.  These experiences have led me to see the dire need for education to make lasting changes for life.

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Did The Holidays Steal Your Happy Hoo-Haa?

I’ve spent a career working with women in the salon industry. My goal has been to make women feel sexier and more confident. Since I truly believe that happiness comes from within, I have always encouraged my clients to make themselves a priority. I’ve also reminded countless women to focus more on their relationships instead of all the extra crap that inundates their lives.  During this past holiday, however, I think many people forgot the true meaning of Christmas.

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