Rochester Woman Online recently was presented with the pleasure of meeting Dr. Perdita Meeks when we modeled for our client Emma for Intrigue Jewelry in Dr. Meeks’ annual fashion show. All we can say to sum it up is Dr. Perdita Meeks is a phenomenal woman and we felt compelled to share her story with our readers. We are also pleased to announce she will be joining us as a columnist on a quarterly basis. She is a motivational speaker, pastor and entrepreneur. Also, a wife, mom and grandmother.

Perdita earned her doctorate in 2008, from St. Thomas Christian University College. Being a published writer of several books, allows her to share her vision with the world. Working alongside her husband, Warren Meeks as the Associate Pastor at New Born Fellowship Church, where she serves as the Executive Director of Ministry Affairs is a rewarding experience for her. Founding Covenant Women’s Ministries furthers her quest in life empowering women. Conducting her program in the community called Nehemiah Restoration gives her additional opportunities to help people providing information, knowledge, and economic development . Her passion lies with helping women but also focusing on single mothers and survivors of domestic violence.

Perdita is also familiar with and works in the beauty industry (since 1983) . She owns her own business Marcel’s Salon (1 Bastian Street) and Marcel’s Bundles which is an online store ( Wait, there’s more; she is a model, who professionally modeled for Jet Magazine, and won first place in two International Beauty Shows held in NYC (as a hair designer) and Atlanta. She even appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show (2005). She’s competed in Pageants including taking 2nd runner up in the Mrs. NY America Pageant and took first place in others. Her several books are life-changing. They include: “A Woman’s Tool for Self-Empowerment”; “Organize Your Life for Success”; and “365 Days of Empowerment”. Her new book is called “The Power of Thanks”. In 2019, she will release “The Boss Women”.

Perdita became a hair designer at the age of 18. This was definitely in her blood, as she is a 4th generation stylist. She owned a boutique in downtown Rochester, “Perdita’s” where she showcased and sold fashion items. As a young woman, she accomplished so much.

Perdita shares: “I thought I was on top of the world” having accomplished some major highlights in my life. I realized as a young woman that, being an entrepreneur took hard work and consistency. Knowing that has allowed me to be a successful woman in business. I closed this business and regrouped a new plan. Giving up was never part of the equation for my family, nor for me.

Becoming a pastor was never a part of the plan. In our former church we became ordained ministers and after serving for many years, my husband heard from God to step out and pastor. We are believers in the Gospel and believe if you read God’s word and apply it to your life you will have the desires of your heart. We took the biggest step of faith in our lives and from it we started New Born Fellowship Church (1992).

The best advice Perdita wants everyone to know is what her foundation is based on. She tells RWO: “God blessed our lives to help and bless those around us. It’s been challenging yet rewarding. Seeing the lives of so many people blessed is the reward. My spiritual life is vital. Meditation and preparation are key factors in balancing my life. Planning my year, helps me set goals and develop my short-term plans going forward. It keeps me focused on the vision, evaluating the past year. This helps me pin-point my shortcomings. Therefore, I can make corrections.

My most memorable moment was buying our first home. Being young with two children, we talked to our children daily, so they were also in agreement with our vision. They also began to talk about the house daily. They became our encouragers. That same year we moved into our home!

My focus is on sharing “golden nuggets” on how to excel in life. My main focus is to empower women and to help guide them to use their faith to achieve their dreams and goals. This allows women to learn how to balance your home, husband, family, children and how to do business.

There are five main steps:
• Know who you are and what you are called to do in life;

• Write the vision;

• Encourage yourself;
• Activate your vision and use your faith;

• Find someone you trust to be a mentor.

Family is vital. It is important to have a close family bond. Set up family dinners and fellowships regularly. We spend all holidays together (including extended family as well). Life is full of obstacles and challenges on a daily basis. One of the most difficult challenges is if someone in your family gets ill. I went through that with my husband. I used my faith to believe and I reminded myself that this was not the end. I assured myself prayer works, God is faithful, and all will be well. He lost his voice, so I kept believing he would regain his voice and he would preach again. In one year, he returned to the pulpit and he was back!”

Perdita indicates her mother Celestine Harley and her husband Warren Meeks Sr. are the most significant people in her life. Her mother’s impact was priceless, and her guidance caused Perdita to become the woman she is today. She was the first to introduce her to God. The family attended church regularly, and this began the commitment and core beliefs the Meeks share with others today. Her mom instilled the values used today in her life, such as setting goals and daily planning. Warren Meeks, her husband has been a stable force in Perdita’s life and success. “He’s my soul mate. We make life happen together”, she shares.

Dr. Meeks is working on expanding her businesses to a global/international level. Spreading knowledge through promoting her novels is also a high priority. She will continue as she does, empowering every woman she can. Her latest endeavor includes opening “Perdita’s House” a transitional program for women.

Perdita and Warren have been married 38 years. This is important to her life and well-being. She inspires others and wants people to know to build a similar foundation, it was done with their commitment to God first. They incorporated goal planning and future tasks working on them together. They made a commitment to stay in their marriage no matter what challenges they faced. They set expectations and boundaries. They committed to spending time together. A key rule is keeping family and others at a distance when it comes to your relationship. They also make sure to take some vacations where it is just the two of them.

As stated, Dr. Perdita Meeks is a phenomenal woman. A woman who inspires others and we at RWO celebrate her. Her column, starting in March 2019 and appearing quarterly will include a variety of topics. She will start sharing her wisdom and knowledge with our readers on spirituality, meditation, wholeness, healthy eating, maintaining a positive self-image, business smarts, relationships, family and faith. Tune in March 2019!