Please tell our readers about Robin Hertz?

Robin: I am a 52 year old woman, A mother of 2, Daniel Baldwin’s other half, a medical intuitive and a child of GOD.

A medical intuitive?

Robin: Yes, since about the age of 6, but it wasn’t until I was 32 years old that I figured out why I was and what my true purpose in life was to be. It was in a hotel room in Nashville that my grandfather came to visit me. I remember hearing his unmistakable voice, “Robin, in your prayers you’ve been asking what your ultimate purpose in life is. It’s that you are a messenger”. It was in my grandfathers words that early morning that I had my moment of clarity.

You see, I had spent a lifetime already having what I call “Knowings”. They varied from complete strangers on the beach who I knew were going to drown to close family members who I could see were sick and didn’t know it yet. As a little girl until about the age of 9 I thought everyone had these abilities, but by 10 I realized that no one else could see what I saw. It was due to this fact that I stopped sharing my visions with others unless I was very close to them.

Oh and you should know, my grandfather who came to visit me that morning? He had passed away 16 years before.

After Nashville I spent the next decade evolving, honing and refining my gift. Learning to keep my ego out of it and listen openly.

Let me explain.

It was the winter of 2005 and my best friend Lorraine called me to plan our annual family ski trip. We both had two children the exact same age and we had taken them for several years, but something wasn’t right. Something felt wrong. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I knew I was not supposed to go on this trip.

Lorraine said, “We have to go, it’s for the kids.”

Reluctantly, I agreed to go then a week before our departure I got very sick, the worst flu of my life. (Sometimes our bodies tell us).

So there we were in Aspen Colorado my son Grant was 11 his sister Audrey 8 along with Lorraine her husband and their 2 children.

For 3 days we skied and had a good time but I was never really at ease. I still had that feeling we shouldn’t have come.

Day 4 was our last day of skiing and the whole group wanted to go to a section called crazy train.

I immediately said, “No!”

The feeling of apprehension and anxiety was intensifying. I knew crazy train was a very bad idea. Against my intuition there I was heading down crazy train with little Audrey who kept falling down.

By the time we finally got to the bottom I was totally surprised to see that no one else was finished with the run before us.

We waited for 15 or so minutes. I was getting very concerned.

Then they all came down the run at once. Lorraine skied over and said, “Thank GOD you didn’t see that’ Grant took a pretty bad fall. He went over what he thought was a hill, but was actually a jump.”

Grant had taken a 15 foot fall and landed directly on his back. Ski patrol medics were summoned and cleared Grant to ski on.

Although the ski patrol had cleared my son I decided to take him to the hospital to get checked out.

The emergency room doctor examined Grant and ordered x rays and a CAT scan.

Grant was cleared and sent home. The doctor said, “you’re so lucky he didn’t break anything but expect him to be sore for the next few days.
That night as we were making dinner my sons only complaint was that his shoulder was hurting.

I remember glancing at him and suddenly it overwhelmed me “they missed something, I’m bringing him back” A storm was in the forecast and the snow had already begun to fall. On the drive back to the ER I called and told the nurse that “I was there this afternoon with my son, I’m bringing him back. I know you missed something. I need you to check all of his internal organs, like his spleen”.

Two hours later, and a battery of tests, a ruptured spleen was being repaired in the operating room.

After sewing up my son the surgeon came out and said, “you were lucky, had you waited till morning he would have bled to death in his sleep”.

That was the last time I second guessed a having a “Knowing”.

So would you say you were a seer?

Hmmm? I guess in some ways you could say that. I am primarily a medical intuitive. The problem is I don’t always have total control over it. I’ll see someone and it will pop in my head and come flying out of my mouth.

One day I’m in a Wegmans and I’ll see someone who is in bad trouble medically. I’ll just walk up and tell them. There are also times when I have to look away because I can see this person does not have long to live on the earth. It’s so sad when that happens.

What do you mean?

It all starts by my looking at someone. If I see something? Then I scan them. It helps if they are open to it. I can many times tell what organ is in duress, what vitamins or minerals they are deficient in. What systems in the body are weak.

It’s like a super fast download of information and energy. I can usually come up with a pretty good treatment plan right away but if we exchange numbers and get a more in-depth medical history I can help them get better.

What’s next for you Robin?

I’m shooting a documentary right now. It’s about BII. (Breast Implant Illness)

The study of Breast implant illness and it’s ramifications are in their infancy. This is a very real problem that has exploded on the scene worldwide in the last few years.

I had my implants done over a decade ago. I like many woman just wanted my nice full breasts back. You know, the ones pregnancy and nursing two children robbed from me. Little did I know that the surgery that emotionally made me feel better about myself was actually a ticking time bomb. With over 20 potentially toxic materials in the plastic casing alone, I have been on an quest since inception that has taken me to Europe and many many states in search of answers. I have become a bit of an expert in the field and am here to help anyone who needs it.

I will undergo my explant surgery this month and can’t wait to feel better again.

If you need my help with this message me on my blog, twitter or instagram.

Anything else you want our audience to know Robin?

Robin: Yes, my grandfather told me my ultimate purpose in life, my other half, Daniel Baldwin, convinced me that I needed to share what he calls, “My GOD given gift”

I have decided that they are both right. I am here to help. To deliver the messages I receive to those who want to listen and grow.

I am here to serve. If you need to contact me, please don’t hesitate, I can help you.
Daniel calls me “Love Shine”
I’m here to do both.


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