Some of us freeze in front of a camera. We might get dry mouth or not know what to do with our hands. But for a few, that’s home. The set, the stage, the shoot become a place of expression and development, personal and professional.

In the Aser family, stage talent runs deep. A casting agent since high school, Susan Aser now has a RE/MAX Plus real estate career as well as running Two Sues Casting & Locations.

One could say that she’ll put you on the map, one way or another. An actress since preschool, daughter Tyler Aser is tearing up sets and runways. With film credits in movies like The Tomorrow Man and Never Too Late, TV credits in Blue Bloods and Gotham, roles in commercials for The Little Theater and Immediate Care, and modeling in countless runway shows, photo shoots, and catalogs from Florida to Toronto, Tyler is a busy teen star with an impressive repertoire.

Rochester Woman Online recently got to sit down with Tyler and Susan; join us as we explore their insights on show business, life, and social accountability.

Interview with Tyler Aser

What’s the most important lesson your mom taught you?
“Both of my parents taught me to work hard and always give my best. I apply that to all I do- acting, modeling, and school.”

What social issues are you concerned with and why?
“I’m very anti-bullying. We need to wake up, be kind, and recognize bullying as the serious problem it is. I can say from experience that no kid should feel alone and worthless.”

How do you balance being a normal teen with your work in the entertainment industry?
“I’m still in high school, so it’s hard to keep up with my studies and travel at the same time. But I manage with support from my parents and the work ethic they taught me.”

What are your goals after high school?
“I want to move to New York City and attend Queens College to study counseling and early childhood education. I love being around kids, and it’s a perfect place to work on my acting and modeling.”

What’s your favorite memory in the film and modeling industry?
“Probably when I got a call to play the lead in an anti-bullying movie called EIGHT. It was very emotional for me, and the message is one I just have to share.”

If you could change one thing, what would it be?
“I’m very fortunate to have my family and friends, but I know not everyone has that. Given the opportunity, I would change how people treat each other overall. More kindness! It’s free and everyone can afford to share.”

What are some obstacles you’ve overcome?
“ADD made it hard to focus in school, but with hard work I went from poor grades to high honor role with distinction and principal’s recognition.”

Where will we see you in 5 years?
“In NYC or Hollywood doing what I love- acting, modeling, and working with kids to help them follow their dreams.”

Who is the most significant person in your life and why?
“Along with my mom and manager Susan, Sherri Carter gave me my first modeling opportunities, helped build my confidence, and introduced me to some fantastic photographers.

Through her I have made close friendships with other models and actors.”

Something no one knows about you?
“My parents nicknamed me “Pookie.” My mom also calls me her little butterfly; she would encourage me by telling me how she could see me going from a little girl to a strong, beautiful young lady who spreads her wings and flies on her own.”

Interview with Susan Aser

What is the most important lesson you’ve taught your daughter and why?
“You have to work hard, have patience, and be kind. Even though some will treat you badly, she’s learned that not everyone is like that and to not let it get under her skin.”

How do you balance showbiz with normal life?
“Ha! Sometimes it’s a blur going from one project to another, but once I’m situated on set I can catch up with clients. I don’t think I’ve ever had a normal life, but we keep our family tight.”

What social issue are you most concerned with and why?
“Like Tyler, I’m very anti-bullying. I’m tired and frustrated by what kids do and say at such early ages, and a lot of adults are no better. It’s disgusting how some try to dictate what nationality, what color, what gender of friend someone is allowed to have. We are all the same species walking on the same planet.”

With your different roles, which career is your favorite and why?
“I have been lucky enough to meld my careers, which keeps it interesting and fun! My real estate work gives me access to businesses and homes I can use for films, and many of the homes I have used I end up listing for sale. I love my clients in both businesses and love to include them in casting films and commercials. I am always looking for more homes, businesses, and talent!”

What is your biggest pet peeve about the industry?
“For both industries, not doing what you say you will do. It’s exhausting when someone promises more than they can deliver. I prefer the ‘under-promise and over-deliver’ method of doing business.”

Where can we expect to see you in 5 years?
“I too am thinking NYC or Hollywood. I will probably keep managing my daughter’s acting and modeling career, but I can also run my casting and locations business from anywhere and sell real estate from anywhere.”

What is a goal you haven’t yet accomplished?
“Truthfully, updating my own home. I’m so busy helping clients with their homes that mine gets put on the back burner!” Also, for a long time I have wanted my daughter and I to be on the soap opera General Hospital. It would be lots of fun, especially if Dr. Jeff Webber came back.”

How important do you think a college education is in today’s society?
“For some I think it’s a necessity, but for others like myself, not really. I think everyone should get to go away for 2 years and live on their own, as there’s no teacher like experience.”

What would you tell other parents about pursuing modeling and acting for their kids?
“Don’t waste your time and money on the wrong ventures and the wrong people. If it seems too good to be true, it is. Never assume anything, always get it in writing and make sure you understand who and what is involved. Just because your kid is cute doesn’t mean they are right for this industry, which changes all the time.”

Is there anything else you’d like our readers to know?

“There is so much I would add if only time permitted. I have workshops coming up for casting, and I’m always happy to tour a business or home and talk about putting that location in a movie, a commercial, or showcasing it in a way that will make it more valuable.”

That’s a wrap!