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What’s Hot in the Greater Rochester, NY Real Estate Market 

For most families, selling a home is one of the biggest financial decisions they will ever make. The process can be daunting, with many important questions that need to be answered. Choosing the best Realtor to market and sell your home can make all the difference, turning an otherwise difficult, stressful process into a comfortable, informed experience that you are in control of.

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The History of Women: From BRAWN to BUFF

Women have always been the soft beauty of the sexes; made of sugar and spice and everything nice. . . OK, let’s be real! Women are the care takers, the bag holders, the house cleaners, and the glue that holds families and life together. Let’s not forget we still continue to create life! Yes, we are sugar and spice, but we are all strong and BRAWN wrapped up in what used to only be viewed as a smooth, curvy, soft body. All of the macho “pick things up and put them down”, jacked muscles and fun activities were predominantly geared towards men. Our BRAWN was always there, but we needed to bring out the BUFF! Like the Hulk exploding out of his clothes when you made him mad!

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Mindfulness: In the Day and Life of a Woman

These days we hear a lot about being mindful. But do we know what it means exactly? I have been practicing and teaching meditation for twenty years now and I humbly can tell you exactly what it does mean.

As women, we hold many roles. We nurture, we provide in and outside of the home. We lead, we teach, and we believe in the importance of this. But often we worry that it won’t be enough for those we love, guide even protect and more. But do you give the same energy to yourself?

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Kitchen Tips

Kitchens are the heart of the home, serving a unique purpose in every home.  If you are considering  a new kitchen, consider the following tips when you are planning the project.

Work with an experienced kitchen designer that can help guide you through the many decisions necessary in creating your new space. Your designer will help to educate you on the newest products that are available as well as the offer recommendations for the best use of your space.  A designer’s expertise should help educate you on the available products that will satisfy your needs as wells as reflect your personal style. Working with a professional can save time and costly mistakes.

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Spring Into Something New

I hear birds singing outside my window!  March 20th is the first day of spring, so bring on the warmth.  Oh wait; it’s Rochester!  I must have typed that with a brain freeze because warm summer breezes could still be a couple months away.  That beautiful week in February was just a smidgeon of what is to come.  If anything, it created in me some wishful thinking. What about you?

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Spa Cheers to Health!

Spa cheers to health!

Mention  the  spa and you can almost hear a chorus sighing: wouldn’t that be nice? Let’s face it, most of us dream of a visit to the spa.   Whether we have ever visited one or never have set a foot in one, spas never fail to evoke the ultimate, ever-elusive feeling of relaxation and pampering we usually reserve for the elite and glamorous.  And yes, isn’t it nice to feel like a celebrity and indulge yourself in a world all your own, even if only for a few hours?

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I’ve Joined the V-cup Revolution

Recently Rochester Woman Online’s  Diva 2 (aka me, Kelly Breuer) had the chance to test the V-Cup for the past few months. Originating right here in Rochester, NY, this revolutionary feminine hygeine product is an experience no woman should go without trying. It provides a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and convenient alternative to monthly menstruation products for the woman of today.

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Brazilians in Babylon

I thought it would be fun to research the history of “Brazilians,” since this month’s issue focuses on women in history and so many women get waxed nowadays. I have made a career of performing Brazilian Bikini Waxes on tens of thousands of women in the Rochester area and am fascinated with how far back this ritual dates. Brazilian waxing became popular in the United States in the late 1980s and early 1990s, but it is not a new trend. On the contrary, this practices dates as far back as 4,000 years ago.

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Natural Beauty Without Compromise

The summer season is closely approaching. While everyone loves the sun, sand, and sitting by the pool, this is the time of year when many people experience extreme damage to their hair. The sun changes coloring. The oxidization destroys your vibrant coloring, tones it to a brassy hue and dulls the natural shine. The heat can degrade protein which otherwise protects your hair.  UV rays are alos damaging. The chlorine in pools and salt water can also cause hair issues. Your hair is at risk of becoming frizzy and brittle. How do we protect our hair when we are having fun in the sun?

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March Into Spring Style

Hello readers I’m hoping that this month finds you in great health, great spirits and most important some great shoes!! I am actually not a big fan of March , but I must say I am happy that it is finally here and New York Fashion Week is officially over!!
Although I promised myself this year I would not get caught up in the hustle and bustle of all of the fashion shows and events, it was completely unavoidable.  I battled the ice,snow and freezing cold of New York City to witness first-hand all of the hottest looks on the runway.

And the not so hot !

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