Jill Spezzano is a medical aesthetics professional who currently is the Senior Territory Manager for Candela Lasers in Upstate NY. She is the wife of radio personality, Scott Spezzano and attributes he is her biggest cheerleader and supporter. Jill indicates his support spans to everything she does. Through her relationship with Scott, Jill became a stepmother of two men who are now 19 and 23. She has experienced her mother, her aunt, her motherin-laws (current and prior) and close friend Sherry DelMonte all battle breast cancer.

Jill’s former mother-in-law and her close friend Sherry lost their battle with breast cancer. Jill’s cancer experience was close to six years ago and resulted with her thyroid being removed.

She shares saying, “When I thought I might have thyroid cancer, I was pushed to several doctors and no one really could tell me if I did or didn’t. The best option was to have surgery. I’m more upset with myself for not doing more research. I didn’t understand the constant job of monitoring my levels. The up and down roller coaster, I live daily was upsetting. I am so happy now I am cancer free. Now, I have two strikes against me of being at risk for breast cancer. My mother suffered from breast cancer and I no longer have a thyroid. So far, I am one of the lucky ones”.

Jill discussed her career and how it influences her life being able to assist women, some who have journeyed with the battle of cancer.

Jill says, “Society has this one idea of  a beautiful woman, which is really not realistic to 95% of the women who walk on this earth. I don’t know from experience, but working directly in the aesthetic industry, I see so many women go to a plastic surgery office or dermatology office to help replace what they lost or to help treat something that keeps them from enjoying life.

For example, one of my devices, offers an option for women’s vaginal health. People do not realize when going through the process of treatment for breast cancer, it can affect the whole body. This is especially true in women’s health. A customer was treated who was not able to enjoy intercourse with her husband and abstained for a period of ten years. After being treated, she was able to resume a healthy sexual relationship! The device assists in minimizing scar tissue and rejuvenates skin tissue.

Being able to impact a life through aesthetics and other procedures is very powerful and empowering part of my career. I want women to know they are not alone. There are so many lines of support available. Medical technology is progressing every day. There are so many women out here who will support and stand behind you”.

As a woman, Jill in her relationship experienced the phenomenon of being a step-mother of two boys. Being a step mom, was challenging for Jill, as she had not experienced motherhood personally. Jill indicates she had to learn what battles to have with her step-children, the art of patience and how to give positive guidance when needed.

She and her husband do not currently have children from their union but are trying to conceive through in-vitro fertilization.
Jill shares,“We have been trying to have a baby for seven years. Our last resort is in-vitro, which is not 100%. The frustrating part is seeing everyone around you get pregnant and you are  at a constant standstill. I think it’s uncomfortable for other women to console women like me. Subconsciously, when they say “It will happen, just relax” or “Have you tried fertility?” I just want to say “Please go away”.

Jill Spezzano is a woman who inspires. She lived through her own experience with cancer and then served as a support system for both her mother, motherin-laws, aunt and best friend. Her career in medical aesthetics allows her to contribute positively to helping women. In the near future, she hopes to become a mother. Most importantly, she wants to be a positive influence in the community.