Little Black Buddha (LBB) is an e-learning and game design organization that helps adults figure out their next step (or leap) in their careers and life. LBB is situated to help individuals navigate transitional points in their lives, such as what to do after graduation, career shifts, career pivots, and retirement.
Through cohort work or one-on-one deep work, we will help you:

• Figure out how to shift, transition, or pivot in your career.

• Take your dreams and aspirations and turn them into achievable goals.

• Learn to prioritize and make time for your goals.

• Explore your gifts and potential ways of building a life and/or career out of them.

• Determine a more meaningful and personalized definition of success.

Tailored and customized group programming is available. We will set up a time to discuss your needs and walk through possible solutions.

Available workshops and webinars include:
• Self Care and Mental Wellness
• Own Your Next Move
• Your Gifts
• Your Next Chapter
• What Is Holding You Back from Greatness?
The courses and games are aimed at helping individuals map out their life journey using the unique gifts they already possess. Exercises, challenges and quests are issued to users to guide them in the pursuit of their ultimate desires.

Our Mission
Little Black Buddha helps people find the freedom to pursue their next steps in life. Our clients are individuals who find themselves in one of life’s inevitable transition periods without a sure idea of where to go next. LBB helps people realize personal and professional growth through e-learning and gaming. The products encourage this growth while weaving fun, creativity and innovation into each module and level. Our guidance is offered with integrity and in service of the individual becoming their best self.

Ahlia’s Story
When I decided to quit my systems engineering job in the fall of 2017, I began a quest for freedom, to live a life integrated with a career and self-determined mindset. Although I began this quest for myself, I want to offer that freedom to other people.

I have discovered that it is possible to make more deliberate choices regarding one’s chosen vocation and career path. By being more intentional, the outcome will be more freedom and a life designed by the user that incorporates the things they love about their current life interwoven with the things they have been dreaming of.

For me, once I decided that I could not continue to live the life others prescribed for me, I spent most of the next year looking for a job that would have made me just as miserable as I had been as an engineer. When I finally realized that the cubicle life would not do for me, I had to reexamine what I really wanted to do, and what my life would look like for me and my family.

The unraveling and dissatisfying transitions life offers are very real. People turn to therapy if time and money permit, which is one tool. Other resources can include life coaches, self-help books, courses, and seminars. Religious and spiritual communities are another source of support. To meet the needs of a whole individual, an in-depth examination needs to take place. Little Black Buddha was launched to aid in that examination.

Gameplay offers tools to guide individuals and cohorts through transitional periods in their lives. A transitional point in one’s life does not mean that accompanying experiences have to be destructive. They can become formative building blocks to take the individual to the next level as they discover their ideal reality and career path.

Contact Little Black Buddha at to take hold of your future with practical exercises that use your experiences, your talents, and your skills to their fullest.

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