TOM TURNER: Disabled Male And Proud Of It!

“Do the best you can not to give up. The world can be a bad place at times. Reach out to your family and friends. Reach out to different organizations.” Tom Turner describes himself as a disabled male and is proud of it. He wants to be an inspiration to other disabled people and show them that they do not have to be defined by their disabilities. Continue reading


V-Cups Founder Kaitilyn Nicole

Kaitilyn Nicole is a 27-year-old female entrepreneur making waves in the feminine hygiene world. She was tired of taking pills to reduce cramps, felt guilty about the waste disposable products were creating, and was frustrated with how much money was being spent. Every month it felt like the same routine, and she knew there had to be other options out there.

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It’s a Rochester Woman’s Secret

The first time that I heard about Bodymind Float Center, I did all my research on floating in salt and what the benefits truly were.  I put their website in my favorites and started following them on Facebook.  Every time they popped up on my newsfeed I would say to myself I need to go and try them out.  I own an Integrated Wellness Center and I have had a ton of people ask me what I thought about the tanks.  Of course, I would list off the many benefits of floating, but I would have to say that I haven’t tried it myself, but I wanted too.

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Her Edge: Sitima Fowler

Sitima Fowler, has been making waves in Rochester. As Co-CEO of CAPSTONE Information Technologies Inc., one of Rochester’s Top 100 businesses, and the founder of RochesterRockstars.com. She is also co-author of the book, Computers Should Just Work! and frequently blogs for the RocNext section of the Democrat and Chronicle. Sitima and her husband, Mike Fowler, started CAPSTONE in 2003 and since then have grown it into one of the fastest growing companies in the nation according to Inc. 5000. Together, they are honored to be chosen as Rochester Business Council’s 2015 Person of the Year.

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Massage: What Is It?

Massage.  What is it?  In the United States, most people look at massage as a therapeutic treatment or as a luxury relaxation treatment.    Massage therapy can be dated back to 2330BC at the Tomb of Akmanthor, also known as “The Tomb of the Physician”.  In the tomb, there are pictures of two men having work done on their hands and feet.  Massage is also referred to in 30 different chapters in the Nei Jing, also known as the “The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon”, where it describes the different massage techniques and how they should be applied for different ailments and injuries.  Hippocrates wrote in 460 BC, “The physician must be experienced in many things, but assuredly in rubbing.”

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What is Manual Lymph Drainage?

This is a question that many young women in Rochester, NY have been facing more and more, and the question is yes there is treatment after plastic surgery.  That treatment consists of wearing compression garments for 3-6 months, drainage tubes being removed, stitches being removed, multiple creams, pain pills, and manual lymph drainage.  Treatment changes from doctor to doctor, and country to country.

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Women Who Inspire: Patricia Nadiak

As a young woman, Patricia Nadiak, worked in her family’s dry cleaning business and helped provide for her family.  She enjoyed the work, but it wasn’t her true passion in life.  She was also a young woman who struggled with darker facial hair because of her genetic background. She was always embarrassed because of this.  She got a blessing in disguise when she went to her primary care for acne.  Her primary care told her it wasn’t acne, but ingrown hairs.  He told her to see Patty Entwhistle.

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