After twelve years of being a successful wedding and portrait photographer, two years ago, Julia Spike of Julia McCormick Photography followed her calling to empower women, and opened the doors of her elegant studio space to photograph exclusively Luxury Boudoir clients. Since then, news has spread like wildfire, her empowering sessions have become highly sought after, and she has photographed hundreds of beautiful women.

Originally from Rochester, now located in Nunda, NY, her studio is a short 15 minute drive from the iconic Letchworth State Park. It resides in a beautiful historic building, and showcases massive windows, crown molding, cathedral ceilings, stunning chandeliers, lovely furniture, and beautiful, billowing natural night.

“Growing up a plus sized woman, I have experienced my own journey of self love, acceptance, and appreciation for this beautiful, powerful body of mine. In the beginning of my career, in times that I needed to “feel like myself” again, I learned to “snap myself out of it”. I’d put my lipstick on, get dressed up, and would take self portraits. After a successful session, I would browse through the images, and almost immediately, I would feel completely renewed. Instantly, I felt beautiful and alive again. Seeing myself from a different perspective was all I needed to completely change my perception of myself. It was during these times in my life that I realized the transformative power of a carefully constructed photograph. This simple, lovely gift, was a vehicle to seeing myself as the world did – and I was in the driver’s seat. I was able to see myself for who I actually was, instead of the negative story I had written and rehearsed inside of my own head. It was then that I realized my purpose was to share this gift with as many women as I possibly could. ” says Julia.

It is so important to us that our clients needs are met during each step of the Luxury Boudoir Experience because we know that it takes a lot of courage to walk through those doors! It is our pleasure to provide an all inclusive experience from expert styling advice for each unique body, to in house professional hair and make up services, positive encouragement, perfect posing tips to flatter all of your favorite angles, a large studio space with gorgeous furniture, high end retouched images that make you feel like a model in a magazine, and custom, gorgeous luxury albums and products that you will cherish for your lifetime.

“I feel like I’ve come full circle. Before I began my professional career, I would treat my friends to empowering photoshoots whenever they were having a bad day or going through something difficult. I would style them, pose them, and drench them in compliments. It was so powerful to watch them transform. I have this crazy dream that my legacy will be a drove of fierce women that understand the importance of investing in themselves. I wish for them that their self love will be so bright, that they will shine their light onto the generations to come.” Julia says; and she means it.

Here at Julia McCormick Photography, we have one mission, to show you how incredibly beautiful you are through our Luxury Boudoir Experience. Come as you are, and we will guide you through the rest. Yes, Really.

We will prove to you that you are spectacular.

Our team prides ourselves in showing our clients that they are beautiful during all stages of life. Every single person that walks through our doors is worthy of feeling beautiful. And we promise that you will leave raving about your experience.

“It still shocks me when I have women contact me months after their sessions, explaining that this photo session was like therapy to their soul. I always knew their session experience was great, but I could have never expected how powerful the lasting effects of it were. I know what it feels like to have a distorted vision of myself, and for me to be able to help correct that for so many women has been the most rewarding part of this journey.” Says Julia.

We consistently hear how gorgeous clients feel on the outside, how empowered and comfortable they were during their session, how confident they feel afterwards, and how grateful they are for investing in their Luxury Boudoir Experience.

With countless reviews, some of our most rewarding feedback has noted how this has been a “life changing experience”, “far beyond what they imagined”, “an unexpectedly comfortable experience”, “unshakable self love and confidence”, “beautiful beyond words”. And then of course, the happy tears. Yes, those too.

So, be prepared to fall madly in love with yourself. Be prepared to say, “Oh my gosh, is that me?!”

You will experience self love that will stay with you for years to come.

We cannot wait to treat you to your very own Luxury Boudoir Experience.