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This month’s edition of She Hustles Talks features Mrs New York America 2020, Yasmeen Gumbs gracing our incredible cover. She is clearly hustling, considering she is not only a corporate attorney and legal consultant, but also and international model and even a social media influencer.

We couldn’t have asked for a better queen to help straighten all of our lady boss crowns! Hope you enjoy our Q&A with her and stay tuned because this is just the beginning of her journey and we are excited to see where it all leads.Continue reading

She Hustles Talks, SHE HUSTLES TALKS

SHE TALKS LAW: Jennifer Aronson Jovcevski

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Tell our readers a little bit about yourself and your background and what made you decide to start She Talks Law?

I am a corporate and real estate attorney locally. I also have a background in education law and represent a number of charter schools in the area. Throughout my career, I have been very involved in local women’s organizations. I am on the Board of Directors for the Greater Rochester Association of Women Attorneys (GRAWA), the Board of Trustees for the Young Women’s College Prep Charter School (YWCP) and I am active in the Rochester Women’s Network (RWN) and Women’s Council.

I am grateful to have been inspired by so many women throughout my life and my career. During COVID, I did some serious reflecting on my work and decided that I wanted to do something more… I wanted to give back to the fabulous women that I met along my journey and who cheered me on to get me where I am today. In addition, it is no surprise that COVID had some major impacts on business, particularly women in business.Continue reading