Trademarked as New York’s Divine Channel, “Queen” of organic clean beauty, and a love and success coach, Camille Conti can now add Rochester Woman Online cover woman to her list of accomplishments. We are excited to be able to showcase all of Camille’s accomplishments and business success along with her long lasting en- trepreneurial spirit in our annual April women entrepreneurs edition.

When you meet Camille Conti for the first time, prepare to be enamored with her lively, enthusiastic and charismatic presence. A strong woman raised in a Catholic middle- class background, who possesses many natural gifts and talents, Camille has been mak- ing her mark on the world from a young age. “My career in the beauty industry started from a young age, learning how to make organic beauty products right at home from my mother, a New York State licensed beautician,” she shares.

“While attending college, I went to work for Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Paloma Picasso and Liz Claiborne to name a few as a model and top sales manager.” Using her experiences and knowledge, Camille’s first business, “Artistic Assets”, launched back in 1995 out of Buffalo, put her on the map and on people’s radar as a certified image, color and wardrobe expert and consultant, leading to many opened doors. She began speaking at the age of 25 for major brands and companies known across the globe including Amway, AAA, Artistry Skincare & Cosmetics, UPS, Hunt Real Estate and more.

During these years, she appeared regularly on television as an expert and consultant when it came to “dressing for success”; it was a time when “business casual” was just emerging, and she helped others bring this new look into their life and wardrobe in a way that worked for them. Holding a BA in Psychology and Communication from Canisius College in Buffalo NY, and naturally gifted in helping others learn how to showcase their “best self” when it came to styling and clothing, and skincare and makeup, it was clear to all that Camille had a knack for teaching others about non-verbal communication and how it isn’t just what is on our outer shell that affects all of our relationships in life. Using these gifts, she began training with individuals and companies on communication techniques, personality training, achieving a productive and happy workplace by training employees to work with one another using the DISC Method, and also teaching “The Art of Closing the Sale.”

Using Her Multiple of Gifts for The Greater Good
Continuing to move forward with her gifts, it was in 2000 when Camille started her cosmetics company, a result of an unexpected health crisis. Looking back on that time, she says, “Necessity is the mother of all inventions.” It didn’t take long for Natural Image Care LLC by Camille Conti to blossom and grow into an internationally respected and award-winning brand synonymous to healing, wellness and glamour. Together with her team at the time, Natural Image Care pioneered and invented one of the first certi- fied organic skincare systems that repaired mild to severe skin issues and was, and still is today, unapologetically age defying. Camille describes this system as: “Life transforming head to toe, and inside and out.” She also adds, “I founded my clean beauty certified organic skincare and cosmetic company as a designer and inventor with many chemists and medical teams, and up to today, we continue to invent brand-new cutting-edge collections, including a men’s collection which is coming soon.”

And helping to transform lives through skincare, styling and makeup was just the start of it. Reflecting back to 2003, Camille shares: “I gave one of my favorite Keynote speeches alongside Jill Kelly (wife of Jim Kelly, former Buffalo Bills quarterback) at a church. We shared the lecture titled ‘Inner & Outer Beauty’ for the church’s women’s group.” It was an opportunity that allowed Camille to pour out her talents and knowledge with a group that was eager to learn. “Jill spoke about a woman’s inner beauty and how she found her perspective on life completely shifted after the birth of her son, Hunter. I spoke on the finishing touches of a woman’s beauty after she first has Christ’s love in her heart.”

The experiences she was having in life were not only changing the lives of all the people she worked with, but simultaneously it was refining and growing Camille. At the time she spoke alongside Jill Kelly, she was a relatively new mother whose son was dealing with medical issues. His struggles led to some major shifting of perspectives on life for Camille. “Before my son was born, I had always taught that your first impression is everything and that we must dress for success in all moments,” she explains. “But raising my son, who had some skin issues, I began to teach people not to ‘judge a book by its cover’ and to give everyone an equal chance. People may have disabilities but also have unique gifts and talents to offer, even though they may have differences from the mainstream. I like to refer to them as ‘twice exceptional’. It’s my desire to make sure that everybody is given a fair chance at personal success in life.”

Helping Others Grow in Perspective and Life
About 10 years ago, as her training with individuals and companies involved not only on putting your best foot forward style and image wise, but also how one’s inner desires, character and emotional/mental state drives all of our relationships, she launched her coaching and healing business. Through the success of her private practice, Camille took it one step further about three years ago and founded the Camille Conti Agency thanks to the high demand from her clients who wanted to train under her and learn how to become a Certified Master Teacher Divine Channel NLP Life Coach.

Throughout her years coaching and training thousands of people, Camille shares, “I have learned that we must do the best that we can with what we have right now. I believe that we must not play the victim or make excuses for ourselves because we are simply self-sabotaging. Every disability can be overcome differently to create one’s notable victory.”

Through her coaching and healing practice, Camille is known for helping people propel themselves from the life they are living right now and setting them on the journey to where they want to be, using their gifts and abilities to pull them forward. Speaking about her coaching techniques, she states, “We use things that caused problems for them in the past and transform these things to become the strength and the courage in which they stand upon their platform for success! If we can do better with our looks through the use of make-up, fashion and hairstyles, smiling, etc., then we definitely should take advantage of these.

However, if we have a disfigured face or missing hair, limb, eyes, paralysis, or even mental health imbalances, we must highlight our assets and continue moving forward to be the best that we possibly can be in all moments. It’s vital to always look for the next right move, solution, teacher, coach, mentor program, and strategic plan that will help us achieve our goals.”

When working with Camille, you can expect her to encourage you and teach you to move forward toward all of your goals through faith, not fear, as fear can paralyze and destroy so many goals. She tells her clients, “Love makes fear disappear.” And one of her favorite sayings on the topic of faith vs. fear is: Fear knocked on the door, faith answered, and no one was there.

Nicknamed by her colleagues and clients for years as the “glass ceiling buster”, Camille shares, “My secret, that is not a secret, is that I teach people how to use their traumas, weaknesses, and difficult circumstances as their firm foundation to propel them forward to reach their highest levels of success.” She adds, “In the same token, I also teach people how to use their positive experiences, strengths, successes, and circumstances to pull them up higher and higher! When a woman or man is truly hungry for achieving their goals, has an intimate relationship with divine, uses everything that she/he has gone through and accomplished to her/his advantage, while operating in humility and compassion with the dominant intention for that which is in the highest and greatest good intentions for all parties involved, then they make no apologies, with a positive attitude and a confident mindset. Then, and only then can they manifest anything they choose to.”

Harnessing Her Future
Building on the success of her previous endeavors, this married mother to a grown son who is now living away at college, and also mother to a cute 10-month-old puppy named Harley, decided to take her training and coaching abilities to the next level. Camille’s brand new signature course launched in 2021 titled, “Unleash your Fully Empowered Self & Happy Life,” which is showcased in her academy. The Academy of Divine Rich CEO TM has had over 25 certified graduates come through in its maiden voyage year from all across the globe.

Anyone working with Camille, or just spending time with her in general, will quickly learn that Jesus Christ is the center point of the Conti Family and all they do. For anyone who is interested in working with Camille as their coach, she wants people to know: “I am a very driven individual, creating high vibrational, up-to-date services and products, being in line with current market demands. It’s important to note that all clients and businesses are different, so our programs and products will be customized for that specific client, or for personal and business needs. I don’t do a cookie-cutter approach because one of the most significant things that’s important to remember is that people are seeking answers to problems. They’re stepping outside the status quo because they want to get to the bottom of what’s going on and move on quicker, get the answers they need, resolve whatever the issues may be, and move forward with a happy life and a successful business.”

Today, the Camille Conti Agency offers “compassionate services” such as strategic plan- ning, compassionate dissolutions, mediation, debt collection, business leadership, relationship reconnection, website building, product and service development, business branding and building, and personal and business coaching. “I am thrilled to provide an exciting, unconventional approach to problem-solving and getting to the core issues, all so that real solid progress can begin in someone’s life.,” she tells. “You start living your fulfilling life in divine order with your divine purpose (soul missions). Being a divine channel is a gift from God, and everybody can be one. However, not everybody awakens that part of themselves. My skills and abilities were awakened many years ago with the untimely and early death of my younger sister when I was just 35 years old.” Throughout her life, Camille shares her inspiration has come from her sister and also her “mother, father, son, husband-wife, and even Estee Lauder, who started her cosmetic company from her backyard shed with her grandfather.”

Having inspiration is key she believes, as it is needed to get through rough times personally or professionally: “We’ve all had many failures; the key to success is through the failure. Get right back up and work harder, and learn from those past mistakes, which everyone has had, whether in business or personal, and redirect yourself. Find out what went wrong, problem solve and move forward. This is what I can help you do,” she adds.

Coaching someone through personal and professional struggles to help them achieve life goals is by no means, an easy feat. “I’ve been asked many times how you do what you do and not upset people. The answer to that question is that I do sometimes upset the apple cart. When I’m doing a divine channel and giving them the information that they per- mitted me to deliver, I engage them in wanting to problem solve, regardless of if they will feel uncomfortable or not. Most people want the information so they can feel better and move forward. I teach clients to be kind to themselves and receive, so they can be able to give,” shares Camille. “Being nice to yourself is a massive part of this. There are a lot of people who aren’t nice to themselves because they don’t feel they’re worthy of it, and as they receive the information to improve their life, they eventually accept it and give it a chance, and they’re ecstatic with the results. At the end of the day, because they took the courage to take a chance on themselves, their experiences have greatly improved to have a better life.”

When asked if her techniques or style of coaching changes depending on the person she is working with, Camilles shares: “Men and women are very different in their approach to asking for assistance in coaching them, whether personal or business. As a result of this difference, I handcraft programs to suit individual profiles, if need be, because it’s not one size fits all. I have a lot of men clients, women clients, married couples, corporate clients, groups, training seminars, and traveling speaking engagements all over the country, and more men are trusting themselves to get coaching, get to core issues, fall in love again, doing it right this time and attracting what works for them in their personal and professional lives.”

Currently, Camille and her team are building CCN, the Camille Conti Network, which is a a group of entrepreneurs certified by her Academy of Divine Rich CEO by Camille Conti Agency. “Our brand ambassadors maintain their private practices, agencies, medical clinics, salons, spas, wellness centers, and all while working within our academy, receiving referrals from our network, appearing on The Camille Conti Show titled, ‘You Can Have It All with Camille Conti’ and or owning a Camille Conti franchise wellness clinic inspired by Aveda and Mary Kay Ashe. This is where our franchisees provide the Divine Channel, NLP Life Coaching services and Exclusively Camille Conti Organic Skincare and Cosmetics, plus our other approved services and products.”
Franchises are for sale with sales incentives for approved applicants (including 9 months of training, business materials, and ongoing bonuses and training).

Enjoying Life to the Fullest
When it’s time for rest and relaxation, Camille and her family enjoy a wide variety of activities including going to the spa, water sports, bicycle riding, family nature walks, tropical vacations, celebrating family and friends, and being culinary artists and foodies. “If you attend a Camille Conti event, you can be sure to be fed some good food,” she laughs. “I also love going to new cities and speaking when they don’t know what to expect. Live new audiences are fun, edge of your seat, repeat crowds are exhilarating with the noise of excitement because they know they’re going home with a fantastic experience at the end of the show. It’s great to see repeat audiences bring new people and get them all charged up with the knowledge they are about to encounter.”

When she talks about the enjoyment and fulfillment she gets from helping others, she states, “I enjoy being New York’s Divine Channel and motivational speaker, seeing how people light up and being able to help them right there, in real time. It brings me much joy to do God‘s work.”

When asked what she means by doing God’s work, Camille shares a a heartfelt story: “I promised God that I would make it my life‘s mission to help build his Kingdom, if He helped me heal my son when he was very sick as an adolescent. He has smashed many glass ceilings that doctors never thought he would be able to. Hence a miracle, and I have kept my word to God as He kept his word to me, and as a result, our companies thrive.”

As for her greatest accomplishment or busness succesc, Camille says, “I launched my Camille Cosmetics brand by designing it in our first signature boutique spa, formerly the Chanel store in the Prime Outlets Mall in Niagara Falls, NY in 2002. This is the blueprint for our franchises. As a result of our spa presence, we were invited onto the shopping networks that were broadcast nternationally. I have to say that I’ve had several outstanding and memorable experiences in my career, however, being invited on QVC has probably been has been my most educational, rewarding, and empowering experience.

We sold out in the US and in Canada on TSC, and then on the Canadian Shopping TV Network with my certified organic, clean beauty skincare and cosmetic collection every time we were on. Now we are launching our own unique shopping network, CCN: Camille Conti Network with our franchisees participating and benefiting from our 22 years of experiences and methodical groundwork.

She ends with, “I have always loved this mantra: You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you, Philippians 4:13. I am confident, and I am resilient because I know in my heart of hearts that I am doing the right thing, and I keep moving forward and up in all that I do by the grace of God.”

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