For our latest edition of She Hustles Talks,we are excited to bring you a woman who doesn’t want to just have a seat at the table, she wants to stand on top of it! Paula Amico-Gabriele is recently married, a mother, real estate agent, and has just finished renovated her dream home in Palmyra, NY and is now our latest cover woman!

We hope your enjoy her interview with She Hustles and that it helps inspire you and others to break the traditional mindset and bust through those glass ceilings!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background and what led you into the real estate field. ​
Well, where to begin? It’s generally easier to speak about others but here goes; I am a 54-year-old wife and mother. I have a son and a daughter (20), cancer survivor, equestrian and lover of all things Real Estate, decorating and always trying to learn something new!

What made you decide to purchase the home in Palmyra, and totally renovate it?
How long did the process take? ​My husband and I had driven by it several years ago when it became for sale, but we were a little late with our inquiry so, when it came up for sale again, there was NO way I was going to miss this opportunity! We went back many times and the vision of what it could be was as clear as day to me (my husband’s vision not-so-much haha) . ​

What makes you hustle both personally and in the real estate market? ​
My personality doesn’t lend itself to anything different, always trying making connections but I also don’t take myself too seriously.

What has been your biggest client success story? ​
I have a lovely client who went through some very personally challenging life circumstances which caused her to uproot her entire life; we sold her farm in Newark, NY and she ended up moving to a beautiful farm in Bergen, NY . Her strength was incredible and inspiring. She is now living her happily ever after.

Who were mentors that encouraged you or inspired you?​
Actually, I would have to say my mother was the first, she was a Realtor with Nothnagle Realtors back in the day. My mom was always “on”; having 7 children was something to marvel at, The Juggle seemed effortless. ​

How do you balance being a successful real estate agent and your family life, especially after just getting married recently?

​My husband owns Marina Auto Group he is my greatest champion and advisor, anything I struggle with he is willing to offer his knowledge and advice. Having great support tips, the scales in my favor.

What kind of person do you feel makes a successful female entrepreneur especially in the real estate market?

​In my opinion, a fierce lady who is willing to put on with that load to carry. ​

What’s the best advice you have received in business that you wish to pass on to our readers? ​
Never stop networking, not matter where you are! Someone always knows someone looking to buy/sell

What did you do before becoming a real estate agent?
​I owned a business called “Errands for Elders”, It was beautifully rewarding but sadly I would be heart broken when one of my clients passed.. ​

How do you stay motivated especially in such a crazy time in the world?
​I live a pretty fast paced life not much slowed down for either my husband or myself, waking up healthy every day is motivation enough.

What’s your favorite thing to do in your free time?
Riding my horse Gemma, talking about horses, smelling horses, being at the barn.. lol. Can you sense my obsession?!

What’s unique about the service that you provide to your clients?
What keeps them coming back to you? ​What you see is what you get.. the same bountiful energy I use in my daily life, I apply to each and every one of my clients. I am crazy responsive because that is what I would want in a realtor.

What’s one of the toughest decisions you’ve had to make and how did it impact your life? ​
Ahh, good question! This would be letting go of the people or things that do not help you to achieve, support or guide. ​

Where will we see you next? ​
Life is a wonderful adventure; I look forward to each day and can only hope it’s better than the last!