Tell us a little bit about Stacey & Jena, (or as we will now know you, the Cosmetic Queens) and your backgrounds.
Stacey is a Board Certified Physician Assistant and Jena is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner at Syracuse Plastic Surgery.

Jena earned her degree at SUNY Upstate Medical University, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. She was also a member of Sigma Theta Tau – International Honor Society of Nursing.

Stacey also received her her degree from SUNY Upstate Medical University graduating Summa Cum Laude. She was her class President and served on the Upstate Student Government and Sports Medicine Club. She has been trained by multiple distinguished esthetic providers from all over the world.

Jena is the OG Nurse Practicioner at SPS since 2013, while Stacey joined her 2 years ago. It was a match made in heaven. We are affectionately known as the “Dream Team” (of course we couldn’t achieve this without our amazing staff) and would prefer to inject/treat our patients side by side daily if we could. Jena’s passion is cosmetic dermatology and she has caught many life threatening melanomas but is amazing when it comes to cosmetic injectables as well. Jena took Stacey under her wing to hone her derm skills and the two will most certainly educate you on SPF, skin checks, and the best skincare for each individual.

Stacey’s passion is cosmetic injectables, she loves facial beautification and enjoys bringing the patient’s visions to fruition by enhancing their existing natural beauty. The girls pride themselves on combining the science behind injections with an artistic eye to personalize treatments for each individual to achieve their esthetic goals.

Both providers keep their knowledge current by attending conferences and trainings annually. They love to read and learn about the newest techniques & procedures to provide the safest, most natural looking treatments.

The girls both enjoy spending time with family and friends. Jena is happily married with two beautiful children, Maddy and Jack.

Per Stacey – she puts her heart into everything she does, finds it incapable to not be compassionate in every situation, and loves those lucky enough to encounter her with her whole heart. She has 2 cats & a dog.

Per Jena – Stacey is a bachelorette looking for love (she deserves the best; so all candidates will also be judged by her BFF Jena) and has so much to offer her future husband: she goes above and beyond for ALL those she loves, her caring is like caring on steroids, she is funny as hell and has a GREAT booty. She also has two dog babies Daisy andDahlia (the_cosmetic_pup).

Per Stacey – Jena injected my booty… ask us about that (lol).

Where did you come up with the “Cosmetic PA”?
Stacey: I needed an instagram name and my friends/family all put in suggestions. We felt the definition of “Cosmetic” encompassed beauty treatments intended to restore or improve a person’s appearance and I’m a Physician Assistant so boom The Cosmetic PA was born. Jena’s handle is Injectablesbyjena. Stay tuned as we have some ideas in the future to make our brand cohesive.

Tell us about what made you decide to get into the medical aesthetics field, and why you chose Syracuse Plastic Surgery ?
Stacey: As a surgical PA, I was introduced to the world of medical esthetics when I started working per diem for a local plastic surgeon and then a medspa. I met Jena at a Master Conference (she was taking detailed notes with fun colored pens – I vowed to make her my friend at that moment), then I started an Upstate NY Injector group to discuss safety and all things injectable. Jena was one of the few that attended then Covid happened, we started chatting about going to trainings together. I wanted to go full time as an injector and Jena encouraged me to apply at SPS. The rest is history. Legendary. So in essence you could say I chose SPS bc that’s where Jena was practicing, but it also had two great doctors to mentor me. What was not to love?

Jena: I started back when we were only a small family of 5 employees and our name was DeRoberts Plastic Surgery. When I first started, I managed the surgery center. This opened my eyes to the wonderful world of cosmetic procedures. Dr. DeRoberts took me under his wing and taught me anatomy surgery, dermatology, suturing and cosmetic injectables. Syracuse Plastic Surgery is the ultimate experience. One stop shop for surgical, injectables and skin wellness services. At the Masters Conference Stacey mentioned, I wasn’t just taking notes on injectable content. Looking around, I realized I was actually missing something at work- an injectable bestie. When Stacey started, the injectable dream team commenced and to be quite honest so did my love for our work. With her by my side I feel like we can conquer any challenge.

What is your most favorite service you provide to clients and why?
Stacey: Oh wow – hard to pick just one. I think Jena and I both love to provide injectable services that help patients overcome some insecurity whether that be a birth defect, a trauma, an asymmetry, or age related changes. I love injecting the entire face as a whole “facial rejuvenation or liquid facelifts” & lips (smooch ). So many patients have told us how they feel more confident and that makes us so happy.

Jena: In addition to Stacey’s comment on overcoming insecurities, I LOVE a good cheek POP (contour without makeup, yes please!). I am also super passionate about playing detective and finding abnormalities in your moles.

What does the word “Beauty” mean to you?
Stacey: I think the word “beauty” is different for everyone. For me it’s when I am or I see someone smiling because they feel amazing/look their best – rested, youthful, glowing. What I think of as beautiful may not be someone else’s definition. There are many factors that influence what an individual defines “beauty” as. For instance different generations, different ethnicities, different opinions. That’s why we need to really listen to our patients goals so we can make sure we are on the same page. “We are the experts but it’s your face so let’s work together to tackle those concerns you have.”

Jena: Beauty is having confidence in the skin you’re in. To get to this goal, it can be as little as starting a skin care routine, or receiving injectables for wrinkles or facial balancing, laser treatments or even as big as surgical route. Stacey & I are here to walk you through every little step, even if it’s holding your hand and reminding you of your own (sometimes forgotten) personal beauty.

According to you, what are the skills that are necessary for becoming successful in your fields?
Stacey:(Get yourself a bestie injector colleague delight of a human like Jena.)
Ok so skills I think are necessary… knowledge of anatomy so you can be safe, collaborate & network with people who align with your style and morals, have a critical eye, be a good listener (to patients and mentors), ability to analyze, educate, and earn trust, build a team that you trust & can count on, learn & study new injection techniques and procedures, know your products, be competent & compassionate, be a leader when you can but help others shine too, learn about the business aspects but always treat your patients like family.

Jena: Stacey nailed it. In addition, I think having a power house team like we do at SPS is essential. Having Dr. DeRoberts and Dr. Armenta’s surgical skills on top of our injectable skills and the skills of our estheticians, patients are treated with a holistic approach to anti-aging.

Who is funnier and who is more serious?
Stacey: HA – we are both a hoot. We have been told so many times we need our own reality show. I think Jena comes across more serious at first but once you get to know her she is HYSTERICAL. She’s my fav person to laugh with… or at. We are both very serious when it comes to patient care & safety.

Jena: Stacey is definitely way funnier. She is also more serious (bad cop). I am just awkward.

Stacey: She can be awkward it’s true. (Insert awkward turtle hands here.) However I think that only adds to the charm of Jena (good cop).

How do you stay on top of the latest trends?
Stacey: The patients tell us, the esthetic conferences we go to have sessions on trends, instagram (some trends we do not encourage or say no to!)

Jena: We are constantly researching (Stacey’s favorite past-time actually). The challenge to always perfect our skills is always on our minds.

Stacey: When I first started I would say to Jena well the literature on that shows or I read a study that said… she will never let me live it down. However she researches just as much as me so don’t let her fool you… she’s a nerd too.

Who are some of the people that empower and inspire you and why?
Stacey: Jena – she’s my person. She has always supported me, encouraged me, and been there for me no matter what. She builds me up when I do a good job or when I’m having a tough day, reminds me why we do what we do, settles me when I’m too rambunctious, listens and then helps me come up with a plan or offers advice for whatever the situation is. She teaches me things I don’t know and never makes me feel silly or unintelligent for asking in the first place. Usually I don’t even have to ask for help because she knows & just offers it without hesitation. She’s a genuinely amazing provider, wife, mom, daughter, colleague, and friend. She has unconditional love for everyone in her life and strives to be the best for us all & be there for us all…patients, family, friends. What’s more inspiring than that? My parents: they have been together 50 years and they have empowered me since I was a child. They always inspire me to be kind to others & pursue my passions. They also have adopted Jena and my nurse Emily as family.

Jena: I feel like we are getting sappy, but Stacey has been my inspiration long before we started working together. I liked her aura from IG, in her posts she would support/uplift others without looking for anything in return. Her sparkle and energy are highly contagious. She would post a picture of her doing a spa day at home and I wanted to be there doing it with her. Then once we started worked together, she supported me in ways I didn’t know possible. Her passion for injectables is contagious. She has brought me outside of my shell in many ways by encouraging me and helping to grow my confidence. She is an amazingly knowledgeable teacher and makes everything look so easy. She’s always thinking of others and has the biggest heart, she even volunteers her time for people in need in our community!!

Stacey & Jena: Our families, our friends, our colleagues and our patients (most of which have become like family) kind words & encouragement definitely empower us and that in itself inspires us to be the best we can.

What sets you apart from your competition?
Stacey: I have Jena and she has me & our assistants are top notch. We have an all star line up. Dr. Armenta, Dr. DeRoberts, Jena and I, our new PA Lindsay. We are one stop shopping. All your cosmetic/esthetic/plastic surgery/feel good about yourself needs – surgical, injectable, medical grade skincare, estheticians on site, lasers, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, vitamin injections, dermatology, scar revision, laceration/bite repairs and more. Our google reviews will tell a story about how all of that is housed in a clean office, staffed by people who care, that deliver outstanding results.

“What is your ‘why? ‘” Why do you guys do what you do?
Jena: I love the happiness I bring to my patients. My favorite time is when I give them the mirror and they see the outcome they were looking for. I also love going back to original pictures and comparing them to the “now.” It is amazing to see how injectables build over time. And with Stacey and I, you know that progression will be natural and glowing.

Stacey: I agree with Jena 100%. I do it because I finally found something that I’m good at that utilizes my artistic abilities, brings others happiness, and doesn’t feel like work when I’m doing it.

Tell us a little bit about what are some of the things you both do that not many people know about?
Jena: I have two adventurous children that keep me busy every minute outside of work. We love going on nature walks in our backyard, riding our snowmobile and building lots of forts. I actually grew up in Rochester, graduated from Penfield High School so I spend many weekends traveling to Rochester to visit with family and friends. I am also a very proud board member of the Waldron Rise family foundation that centers our efforts in caring for woman and children in need in the Rochester community. My goal is to expand our efforts into “me time” activity is scrap booking and reading (nerd alert).

Stacey: Oh good she admitted to being a nerd. She will succeed in expanding into the Cuse area for her charity but if you can help us move that goal along give my girl a shout. I was a competitive figure skater. I love to draw & paint. I drink bourbon & champagne. I won’t go in haunted houses or watch scary movies. I love hanging out with my niece & filming her “YouTube makeup looks.” I’m usually her model & I have to say she nails it & I would tell everyone to subscribe if it was a real channel. I love giving back to my community & drag all my people along with me to do events because they all have big hearts too.

Name one special moment during your career that has stood out to you and why.
Jena: Every time I diagnose a Melanoma it stands out to me. It hits me in a way I can’t describe. I feel for my patient’s like I feel for my family.

Stacey: She’s a lifesaver. Not the candy… she’s sweet but she actually saves lives. How cool is that. On the other hand because Jena has such empathy this can take a toll sometimes bc she goes through every single step of the process with them and like she said feels every feel. I don’t know about you but that’s the type of provider I want in my corner… competent & caring.

That being said there are so many special moments we share with our patients and each other. Just one? Ok – There was a patient who suffered a facial disfigurement and I was able to help correct it. She cried tears of joy and told me she had not gone out in public for many years because of how she looked and this was life changing for her. I always worried I wouldn’t make as big of a difference in my patients lives in esthetics as I did in other career specialities but she is just one of many who Jena & I have impacted in a special & meaningful way.

What’s the biggest factor that has helped you be successful, and not only bring in new clients, but keep one’s coming back in?
Stacey: Education & Honesty. We don’t try to talk people into things they don’t need. In fact we tell people no sometimes. We try and give our patients all the available options so they can make the best decision for them. We try to
only address concerns & questions they bring up & only say yes to treatments that will result in excellent outcomes. This has led to patients putting their trust in us & being very loyal.

Jena: Hands down-results. Most of our new clients come because they have friends or family members that have seen Stacey or I. Building a trusting relationship with our patients is so important to Stacey and I. We are kind and we CARE. We are also honest, which can sometimes be hard to handle. If we believe that a certain injectable procedure will not help, we will offer you other options in order to achieve your goals.

Stacey: I just read Jena’s response (we were apart for some of these questions & had to send to each other). We are definitely connected and/or share a brain.

What do you have planned for the next year?
Stacey: What don’t we have planned!? We have some fun open house/events we want to host and attend. We want to go to some more trainings & a cadaver course. We want to grow our social media. We want to show our patients more of who we are as people.

Jena: I would love to explore more conferences. I love traveling and learning with Stacey by my side. Stacey will be training me on biostimulant injections (giving patients natural volume with the benefits of collagen stimulation) and I will be continuing to help her hone her derm skills.

What has been your best form of promoting your services and what platform is your favorite?
Jena: Although a very big challenge, being a job in itself, I would say IG is the best form. Being perfectionists, Stacey and I tend to over think our pictures and wording. We try to make things fun, yet informative. Many new patients come in saying that they feel like they already know us because of our instagram!

Stacey: I agree with Jena (shocking… not) IG has def been the best form but TikTok is something we would like to do more of too.

What is one thing that motivates you both?
Jena: Ahhh, this is a hard ONE. Multiple things motivate me. My family motivates me, my husband has always encouraged me to follow my dreams and has always had my back the entire way. My parents are so loving and supportive and making them proud has and will always be a huge motivator for me as well. Stacey motivates me to be the best version of myself. She has encouraged me to move beyond my comfort zones in many areas of my life. I can always depend on her to sense when I am not myself and she will help me overcome the obstacle, whatever is may be. She is my bird’s eye view. Our collaboration and patient results motivate me. My patients motivate me; I love listening to their life stories and lending a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold or a pat on the back.

Stacey: What she said minus the husband thing. Happy patients. Excellent outcomes. Parents. Jena. Assess, Inject or Excise, Repeat.

What factors do you consider when selecting cosmetic products or new techniques?
Stacey: SAFETY. The science behind them. Cost to our patient. Time to reach optimal result and longevity of those results. Ethnicity. Patient expectations.

Jena: First thing to consider is patient safety. I also learned from my pal Stacey-question everything. Does this make sense? Will this give the results we are looking for? After we’ve researched it then I need to see it being done (and do it a few hundred times before feeling comfortable). Stacey and I like to trial new techniques or products together – our collaboration is powerful. Picking each other’s brains while examining our results with a magnifying glass.

Stacey: Hehe another example of same brain.

What specialty service do you feel you can provide clients that sets you apart from others?
Jena: Not may people know that we perform skin exams! When we are with our cosmetic patients, this gives us the opportunity to talk about how to care for your skin in its entirety (it is the largest body organ we have). When we discuss SPF use or stopping tanning beds, they usually are thinking of scheduling their skin exam alongside their next injectable procedure. Another procedure we offer is Vaginal Rejuvenation! Let’s face it ladies, our vaginas are not getting any younger either. This painless procedure helps tighten, restore lubrication, enhances pleasure during sex and stops the pesky stress incontinence (ever pee when you sneeze?).

Stacey: What she said AND dissolving old filler. People (patients & providers alike) are always shocked when we tell them we have seen filler last 12+ years. Sometimes we can work around old filler, sometimes we prefer to start from scratch for best results, sometimes we want to upgrade you to filler that has better technology, and sometimes it’s necessary for safety or to prevent irreversible damage to tissues. Jena andI know this may cause some emotional discomfort when having this discussion with you but you deserve providers who care about giving you safe, optimal results.

Do you have any special training or degrees to provide the services you offer your clients?
Stacey: TONS!!! Jena and I have both assisted in surgery so our understanding of anatomy is strong. We have gotten invited to many Master Conferences and been able to attend 1 on 1 trainings with mentors we look up to. We have two amazing surgeons to run things by who take the time to educate us on interesting cases or things they know will increase/elevate our skill set.
Jena: The masters conferences we attend set us apart from other injectors. My next personal endeavor is to become officially certified in dermatology (I would still do the same things, just more letters to add to the end of my name).

Stacey: Jena and I both have Masters degrees but we didn’t actually have to pass any specific standardized tests to inject faces or excise moles. We have talked about this frequently and would like to see this part of our industry become more regulated for patient safety and outcomes in the future. Just because you have a degree in Physician Assistant, Nurse Practitioner, etc doesn’t make you a safe or skilled provider. Just like any other profession it depends on your experience, education, and talent. When they have a specialty degree or standardized certification to test our skills you can bet your bottom dollar (or bet your Botox wrinkles?) we will be signing up.

Where will we see you next?
Jena: We have had many requests for more content of Stacey and I on IG. So hopefully some more reels and hoping to go live more often!

Stacey: On the big screen… ha just kidding! But, definitely on the small screen – YOUR small screen doing IG lives and more stories. Then, hopefully at one of the events Kelly is hosting!