Recently Rochester Woman Online’s  Diva 2 (aka me, Kelly Breuer) had the chance to test the V-Cup for the past few months. Originating right here in Rochester, NY, this revolutionary feminine hygeine product is an experience no woman should go without trying. It provides a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and convenient alternative to monthly menstruation products for the woman of today.

I will admite, when asked to test out this product I was a little hesitant. Using something new and “unknown” can be a little scary, especially when you are inserting it into your body. But, all my friends wanted to know what it was like, so I decided to be the guinea pig.

The V-cup can be worn for 12 hours and  provides long-term coverage which is so much better then having to change products every few hours. There are no worries regarding being exposed to the harsh chemicals found in tampons either. I have found the V-Cup to be something that is much easier then feminine products such as pads and tampons once you get over the initial “shock” of using it.

One of the best features of using the V-cup is that it is  a cleaner way to handle the unpleasant mess of your period. There is no clean-up required aside form rinsing out the cup after disposing the collection in the toilet.  Ok, when I first heard this, I thought , “I’m good with what I am using now, this sounds gross.” But, then I decided to try it, and it really wasn’t as bad as I thought. Much easier, actually.

The cup is even reusable so it also eliminates any contribution monthly to the landfills. It comes in two sizes and it is inserted like a tampon and forms a seal so there is no leakage or worries of ruining clothing from accidents. Yeah! That’s a relief.

I was most excited about the huge savings from monthly “products”. The cup costs around $34.99, where I spend about that per month in tampons and liners alone.

When I used the V-Cup, the product stood true to all of the things that were promised. It was easy to use, not uncomfortable and after insertion you couldn’t tell you were even using the product.

The V-Cup provided a “clean” alternative to what I have been trained to use for the past 30+ years. I was amazed at the ease of using and cleaning the product for reuse. I was a little apprehensive at first, as I am sure most women are when they read about these types of new products. I think as women we are very careful about using any product we have to insert in our bodies.

The conveniences of using a tampon as opposed to a pad, where we don’t experience the scent of the product or having to wrap up a pad to throw it out, makes us take the risk. This product provides a healthy alternative which is even more convenient than using tampons.

This product is the new wave for feminine hygiene. You feel cleaner. You are able to do all the things you can using other products but you save a tremendous amount of money as the product is re-usable. Trying this product may have not been something I would have done on my own, but I am glad creator Kaitilyn Barry talked me into it. After I used the product all of my worries subsided. The V-Cup is an awesome alternative and I encourage you to try it out.

It’s revolutionary.

I’m sure you have lots of questions, like How do I know which size to choose? How do I insert the V-Cup? Can I go to the bathroom while using my V-CUP™? Will it get “lost” or “stuck”? Can I keep it in during sexual intercourse?

Be sure to check out their website at, or come visit them at our women entrepreneurs event Sunday April 9, at the Holiday Inn downtown.   You truly won’t be disappointed…I wasn’t!