Kelly Breuer


Making a Fresh Start

Forgiveness is the Gift We Give Ourselves

Rebuilding after domestic violence is one of the hardest things a person will ever do. Too many people believe that domestic violence ends instantly once the couple separates and all goes back to normal. I think this is one of the main reasons why people looking in from the outside so often ask the question, “Why doesn’t she/he just leave?”Continue reading


1872 CAFE

Entering through the heavy glass doors to the 1872 Café, I was hit with a sense of awe, for I was standing on hallowed land.  I realized that the building I was entering stood on ground of historic value, as it was where Susan B. Anthony cast her first illegal vote.  Continue reading



Thinking back when I first got into the beauty industry 17 years ago, men taking the time or even the care to groom themselves was barely considered. At least, in my realm of training and work environments. I’m sure we have all heard the term “manscape” especially in the last 7 ish years. Fast forward to now and it is 100% accepted, trendy looked quite highly upon. I mean why shouldn’t men take time to take care of their appearance? Continue reading