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ANTI- TRANSGENDER: Bathroom Laws and Why Good People Fall for This Destructive Political Charade

You may have heard a thing or two about controversial “anti-transgender bathroom bills” and confusing messages about what it means to be transgender. Although most of the proposed and existing bathroom legislation includes trans men and trans women, I’m going to focus primarily on trans women because we’re the main target of misleading political propaganda and fearmongering tactics. So, what’s all the fuss about transgender bathroom use and how come no one seemed to care until about a year ago? I’ll attempt to explain that and reveal dangerous implications that may affect all women transgender or not.

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February 2017 Edition

As you may know, February is the month to GO RED For Women for the American Heart Association. Let’s all wear red this month in support of our friends and family that have battled, are battling, or have lost their fight to heart disease. Rochester Woman Online will even hold A Day of Empowering Women…GO RED FOR WOMEN event on Sunday, February 19th from 12-5pm at the Century Club of Rochester to help benefit the AHA featuring over 75+ vendors for the ultimate ladies day out. Plus, you can meet our absolutely stunning February cover woman, WHEC TV 10’s very own Lynette Adams! Be sure to read her amazing story, one she only shared with our editor Cheryl Kates-Benman.

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A Healthy Solution: Bluebird Harvest

Hello, this is Matt and Mike from Bluebird Harvest. In 2016, we created a home and workplace delivery program offering year-round, premium quality produce and local specialty goods in the Rochester area.  We started operations in July and we are continuously growing and providing quality products to our customers.  We bring convenience to the busy modern family and a hectic household at a reasonable price.  Continue reading

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NEW YEAR, NEW YOU! A Bootcamp With Maintainable Results

With over fifteen years of experience, trainers Noah Jobin and Josh Deporter of Irondequoit Fitness, enjoy sharing their knowledge of assisting people in becoming healthy and fit. It is much more than a job for them. They were both overweight (70-80 pounds) striving to become an example to their clients. It was important to them sharing their journey of weight loss as they learned themselves the importance of healthy living.

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Breakthrough Relief For Back Pain & Sciatica

If you suffer from low back pain and sciatica, you are one of the 80% of adults in the US with this often crippling spinal condition.

Shooting, stabbing and burning pains from the low back, sometimes with additional pain through the buttocks and down the legs are all symptoms of a pinched nerve often called “sciatica”.

Recent advances in the treatment of sciatica and lower back pain have led to the development and huge success of Non-Surgical Re-Constructive Spinal Care.

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Networking to GROW Your Business

As business owners, we have a few options on how to obtain new business.  We can pay for advertising, we can ask for referrals from our current clients, we can even pay for leads or we can network and hope to build relationships with potential clients. There is no one answer fits all for your business. Often it becomes a try this, try that and see what works for you. If money is plentiful than long term advertising may be your answer. Just remember consistency is best, you need to prepare for a year minimum of ads to ensure your message is received.

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Financially Preparing For Divorce

This month the Rochester Business Journal debuted an article about women’s “Retirement at Risk” highlighting a local divorced woman. The article discussed qualitative and quantitative data around women’s finances particularly how divorced women are at a disadvantage when it comes time to retire.

While the data has merit, in my opinion, it is imperative to recognize that when it comes to divorce no one wins. In addition, rather than focusing on the outcomes why not be proactive and find a trusted advisor that can help during the transition. In response to the RBJ article, here’s my advice.

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