Julie May


TOM MALLOY The Man Behind The Smile

Tom Malloy walks up to me at Starbucks on a sunny day in Webster, NY and the first thing you notice is his handsome smile.

Although he’s a critically acclaimed actor, producer and screenwriter, his happiness is no act.  Tom is relaxed and genuinely joyful as he talks about his life, his career, and most importantly his kids.Continue reading


Jeanie Smith: Wife, Mother, and C-Suite Power House

Jeanie Smith has always had a passion for healthcare and people.

So when she saw a newspaper ad in the early 90’s for Rochester Regional Healthcare Association Family of Companies (RRHA) she applied for it. She had hoped that it might be a good way to start a career in healthcare administration and perhaps be a stepping-stone to another position. She got the job. And she excelled at it ever since.Continue reading