From The Kinks in Her Curls…


From the time D. Marie’s daughter J. Marie was three “From the Kinks in Her Curls to the Beat in Her Step” was a conversation the mother and daughter had repetitively. It stemmed from J. Marie questioning her own dark complexion comparing it to other people she admired. D. Marie immediately began to teach her daughter to love herself and accept her appearance as God created her.Continue reading


The Pursuit of The Crown: AMANDA TORCHIA

What began as a one-time thing, turned into a permanent quest in the life of this amazingly beautiful and talented young lady. Amanda reflects on the day she and her Mom saw an ad in the local paper about entering a beauty pageant, “It looked like it would be fun”. 12 years later, Amanda knows on this day, her life was changed. Pageantry became a way of life.Continue reading


Little Girl Lost

PHOTOS BY: Michael Crisafulli

1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence in her lifetime. It is lso the thirst leading cause of homesless in families. Each year, 2 million injuries and 1,300 injuries and 1,300 deaths are caused as a result of domestic violence. Three women are murdered every day by an intimate partner. Every nine seconds a women is a victim of domestic abuse in the United States.Continue reading


Beauty Beyond Just Looks

As a young woman, Maja (Pronounced Maya) was always beautiful. She was born in Yugoslavia in a small town Kraljevo. Her country endured political turmoil. It was a very different climate than what we have in America.  She learned early on in her life there were good people and bad people. She determined she wanted to be a good person. It was hard being a woman in a male-dominated world where women were constantly suppressed but Maja found a way to rise above and become not just a pretty face.Continue reading