It’s been 8 weeks since I had surgery to explant my breast implants.

Thought I’d share what’s been going on.

There are so many levels and areas that are effected.

Physically I have smiley face incisions under my breasts where Dr Feng went in and skillfully removed the implant along with the capsule in one piece. Not as easy as youde think because the capsule adheres to ribs and chest wall when under the muscle. They had ad to be scraped off the ribs. Ouch.

Then I had my muscles repaired so my anatomy is back to where it was prior to implants. Ouch again.

My entire chest wall was opened, searched, excavated and repaired. After while all vanguard up, I had to keep my arms tied down by my sides for 2 weeks so I wouldn’t tear my newly repaired muscles.

I did not have a lift so yes just like you would think my once sexy girlie boobs were now ugly and deflated.

This bring me to the emotional part.

It’s scary and honestly ugly! Makes me feel insecure and actually sad in many ways.

I kept a lot of my emotions inside. There want a safe place to go with all of it except calling the nurse at the surgeons office. I sobbed at times quietly to myself. My neighbor…. ok are you ready for this, her name is TiTi. I know….. God has a sense of humor! She would come over and help me with the simple things. TiTi…. really? So funny!

I was mad I even got implants in the first place, yet I loved them at the time and now I couldn’t look at my body much and felt alone inside myself.

Now comes the health part!

After explant I was told what I already knew. My right side WAS leaking or seeping out of the outer layer. (Shell).

By the way the shell is made up of toxic silicone and chemicals on all implants.

By 6-8 years they ALL start to break down. Mine were 13 years old. Many Drs tell women that they don’t need to be replaced. That is NOT accurate! And encapsulation means there IS a problem! Pain means there IS a problem!

Just make sure with any replacement or removal that all capsule is taken out.

I immediately felt and looked better.

Everything except my chest looked better anyway.

The first month consisted of my entire body changing including my brain.

I was thinking clearer, my eyesight cleared up, dry eyes went away, head he is had for a month was gone, the white of my eyes got bright and white again. My skin tone and clarity changed and is still changing dramatically. My acne is cleared almost all up! The puffiness in my face and body is almost all gone.

I feel strong again internally. Can make decisions again and don’t feel wishy washy.

I realized I was living in a fog for a long time.

I was concerned explanting would change my intuition.

My knowing.

Well it did. It’s SO exciting! Everything is heightened and faster. Downloads of  information come in quick and clear. I could almost say louder if that makes sense.

My hair stopped falling out and the texture is changing before it was dry and just plain weird.

My aches and pains are gone. My body feels calm and not buzzing and stressed.

Oh, my heart palpitations are gone! Swooshing in my ear and head gone. My libido is back. My thyroid doesn’t feel inflamed and my eyebrows are getting a little thicker.

My fatigue and energy level is normal. I want to do things again!

I expected more ups and downs as I’m naturally detoxing implant toxins especially since I have the double MTHFR gene but my symptoms are so minuscule when they show up and then I know what to do to flush them out.

My sleep is getting better and my mood is just happier!

My tongue is thinner. I know that sounds weird but I suppose those 2 foreign objects in my body made everything inflamed and go haywire.

I was chemically and food sensitive! Now much doesn’t bother me.

So now I’ve been healing.

I embraced my breasts and even named them. Ivy and Violet.

Decided to become friends with them. The names happen to be of plants that grow. I didn’t plan it that way tho but I do find it funny!

Finding humor and trust was big during this time!!!

Everyday there is a little more bloomage and I can look at them again with joy.

My daughter saw me for the first time during the holidays and hugged me closer than ever. She said she loves my new figure… according to her the leaner natural look is in. 😂

In a weird way I feel more beautiful! More confident!

And every time I hug a loved one it’s closer to my heart. Feels comforting in a beautiful way.

I’ve saved a few lives because of this journey.

Women that were very sick. Really sick and they don’t know why.

One friend had no idea she had textured implants until they were removed!

I get emails or calls almost daily regarding this topic.

I show my photos! I’m not embarrassed! I’m empowered.

Education is key here. Women are not being told the truth. Sadly so many women after going through Breast cancer get implants during reconstruction and after a few years realize they don’t feel good. Few Drs know what to look for or even suspect it could be those 2 giant toxic objects places in their already compromised immune system. Hurts my heart for them.

If you or a loved one has implants and health issues reach out to me. I can see by looking at the face and especially eyes if breast implant Illness is causing the problems. The toxins and continuous inflammation is causing liver heart and kidney problems. Even cancers and serious auto immune diseases.

Please take this seriously!

I’m here to help!
I’ll be updating again in a few months.

With Love