The Rochester RazorSharks professional basketball team is back for their 14th season. We wanted to introduce you to the amazing men who make up the team, and the women who have been the foundation for their success. In their own words, they share about them.

Zach Marcelline #30
I have five women who have impacted & inspired me-3 sisters, my Mom andmy girlfriend. They all are passionate and persistent. They strongly believe in being their own individuals & not conforming to the norms andopinions of everyone around them. They each have their stories of overcoming that continually reminds me to always push forward.

Hasiin Dixon #5

My mother had the biggest impact on my life. When she was alive she was the glue that held me and my siblings together. She showed us how to grind out of bad situations. When that sun touches my skin, I feel my mother, her energy is forever with me. She is my push and will forever be my motivation. ​My daughter is the best gift I’ve ever received in my life, she pushes me in ways I would’ve never imagined. My mindset is so different now because she is here. I want to be the best dad I can be and give her a better life than I had. It’s crazy to think I feel like I got a part of my mom back but it’s true . Thank you Amora I love you.

Devonn Gavin #1
My mother and grandmother always helped keep me focused, to always believe in myself, self respect and how to respect others, they always inspired me to do better. They’re my motivation. The reason I have so much drive and passion for the things I do is because Those two women made me the man that I am.

Jamaal Carter #25
My mother is the biggest inspiration to me. The sacrifices she has made, the dedication she has demonstrated and the life lessons she has instilled in me, is a big part of who I am today. She has shown me what “good” humanity is. I try to implement and mirror her, in all of the decisions that I make on the daily.

Tyler English #3
My mom and grandmother have really motivated me to do whatever I put my mind to. I know I can always count on their support.

Steve White #15
My mom & Grandma are two women who inspired me. Both are single mothers, both did what they had to to provide for the family, both worked hard to make their children’s lives were better than theirs was, both raised me to become the man I am, both showed me that helping others was just as important as helping yourself, both are two of the most caring, loving, and strong women I’ve ever be around, and they both showed me how to work through the struggles of life without quitting or giving up!!

Derrell Nelson #33
My mom and Aunt Jackie had an impact on me since I was a kid with their charismatic personality, and always willing to help people out.

Jerrell Reid #7
My mom has always been minspiration because she has raised three boys alone our whole lives, with no help, and she never stopped trying her best.

George Graham #0
My mom and sisters inspire me everyday. They’re all strong loving women and make me a better man daily.

Aaron Vickers #10
My Mom inspires me, she is a breast cancer survivor, a warrior; and one of the strongest people I know.

Quadir Croston #6
I have seen the struggles of my mother, sister and grandmother, and how they never give up- that pushes me to give them better.

Rodney Roberts #22
I have so many strong women in my life. My mother, two grandmother, aunt and my 5 sisters & cousin Karla & my friends Bre and Tykayila & I will say the woman in my life now Kenzie ! The women in my family have shown me what it means to be strong in tough times and they have shown unlimited support! They believe in my abilities and water them everyday.

Head Coach Terry Nowden
My mother has been my biggest inspiration, as a single black mother of 2 boys working multiple jobs to keep food on the table & keep the bills paid. She never let us miss out on any sporting events or camps we wanted to participate in, she showed me true dedication & will to succeed by any means necessary.

Assistant Coach Shawn Harris
My Mother Shereta Harris has had the greatest impact on my life. In a single parent household she raised two boys & taught us to be disciplined, demanded respect & helped us understand the importance of education. We were involved in sports, music and church our whole lives. My mother made sure to be at every game I played in & even as I began coaching she comes to support me and my teams. The lessons she taught, the strength she showed & the importance of just being there are things I strive to pass on to my daughters!

Assistant Coach Jose Lopez
I was raised by amazing women- my mom, godmom and godsisters. I was always with one of them when I wasn’t with my mom. I spent every summer with my grandma & aunt.