This topic is not a one size fits all approach and as you read this post, please carefully consider what works for you presently in your day to day life.  First, lets define exercise in its simplest form so as to not over complicate our lives any more than they need to be. In the Medical Dictionary, exercise is defined as physical activity that is planned, structured, and repetitive for the purpose of conditioning any part of the body. Exercise is used to improve health, maintain fitness and is important as a means of physical rehabilitation.

Now that we have established what exercise is, lets talk about how we can schedule physical activity in our day to day life. Regardless of what exercise or physical activity we do, I have personally learned that planning my exercise schedule is what helps structure me and keeps me in a repetitive routine. Health is a main priority for me, and I plan my exercise on a daily basis to improve my well being and quality of life. Exercise can be as simple as a 10 minute walk with your dog to a goal of 100 steps per minute anytime of the day around the house.

This all goes back to the saying “something is better than nothing”. Just the smallest bit of effort can improve your health and help you to maintain your fitness goals. Once you get into a routine of even just exercising ten minutes a day,  you will start to see the benefits of how great you will feel. You may find yourself having more energy, better focus and  may even feel good enough to start adding to your daily routine.

So now that we have discussed how important it is to plan daily physical activity, lets discuss how to structure that plan. Structure is a plan put into practice on a daily basis. If you are currently doing little or no activity, then start structuring a plan that will not overwhelm you or complicate your life will be easy. You want your plan to be structured in a way that is sustainable. The goal is longevity not to sprint to the finish line. I have to schedule it just like I would a doctor’s appointment. But on a daily health maintenance plan rather than yearly.  It is a commitment that I plan in my daily life that works for me. So think about what works for you. Start small.

Ok, so our first important daily exercise is to start with a plan. Once we have decided what physical activity that we will be doing daily, then the second most important exercise is to structure that plan of activity that is sustainable into our daily life.

So first plan, then structure and last, repeat. Exercise is habit. A habit for improved health, maintaining fitness and creating a lifestyle that is sustainable for you.

Let me end by saying that for some this may come very natural while others will require some help and support. Baby steps when starting something new is better than never starting. Remember a well structured plan takes work, but benefits are endless.