Patricia Nadiak

As a young woman, Patricia Nadiak, worked in her family’s dry cleaning business and helped provide for her family.  She enjoyed the work, but it wasn’t her true passion in life.  She was also a young woman who struggled with darker facial hair because of her genetic background. She was always embarrassed because of this.  She got a blessing in disguise when she went to her primary care for acne.  Her primary care told her it wasn’t acne, but ingrown hairs.  He told her to see Patty Entwhistle.

Patti made an appointment with Patty Entwhistle which ended up changing her life.  Patty Entwhistle was an Electrologist and a teacher at Shear Ego who introduced Patti to the world of permanent hair removal by electrolysis. Entwhistle was, and is still, one of Patty’s inspirations of going to school for cosmetology and becoming a Electrologist.  Entwhistle encouraged Patti to go to school because she could see Patti’s passion for Electrolysis.  Patti can still recall the day Entwhistle handed her an Electrolysis needle, also known as a probe, and said try it. Patti was afraid of needles and Entwhistle’s thoughts were there was no point in going to school for Electrology if you were afraid to use the tools of the trade.  Patti was told that she was a natural and she got over her fear quickly.

So, Patti decided that she would sign up to go to Shear Ego and became an Electrologist.  She went home and told her family that she was going to school to learn permanent hair removal, knowing deep down that she could help people feel better about themselves with this type of service.  Her family was very shocked at the decision but didn’t discourage her from following her passions.

As Patti was going through school she worked at the dry cleaners and promoted what she was doing.  She knew a lot of people that would benefit from Electrolysis.  Word of mouth to this day is still her best way of advertising.  She aced school and in 1994 she started on her way to becoming a well-known and very busy Electrologist.

In 1999, Laser Hair Removal started to become very popular and many people encouraged her to jump ship and forget about Electrolysis.  She was being encouraged because laser hair removal has a quicker turnaround time then Electrolysis.  But she stuck to her guns knowing Electrolysis was the only permanent hair removal method.  In May of 2017, she will be in business for 23 years.

She has been working out of her home for her entire career.  She has many days of working 11 -12 hours to help as many people as she can.  She has MDs, Dermatologists, Hair Stylists, and many other professionals who refer out to her.  Her true motivation is to help as many people as she can.  She wants to help change how women and men look at themselves and feel about themselves.  Her Motto when it comes to Laser Hair Removal is “Where laser leaves off, let Electrolysis begin- permanence.”

Patti is all about getting the right information out into her client’s hands.  Electrolysis has no restrictions and can be used head to toe. Electrolysis desiccates the hair follicles one by one with the use of a special needle or probe.  The desiccation of the hair follicles is what makes the hair removal permanent.  Sessions can be 15 minutes to an hour long.    Patti is extremely passionate about what she does and it truly has become her life.

She hopes to bring more lime light to permanent hair removal by electrolysis.  She wants people to understand that it is truly a permanent solution to unsightly and unwanted hair.  She feels that a lot of people shy away from this treatment because of the needles being used and people think that it will hurt.  Patti assures her clients and patients that it doesn’t hurt as much as a tattoo or botox.  The pain level is that of flicking yourself with your index finger.  She uses lidocaine and icing on the skin to help deplete the sting of the process.

Her husband, Mike, is a true supporter in Patti’s dreams. He encourages her to continue working on her passion and is a costant champion at home and in the community.

Patti’s mother, Marge is one of her greatest advocates and has encouraged her on her journey since the beginning.  Her mother has inspired her to follow her dreams.

Her brother Joe\worked very hard to provide for their family when their father passed away at a young age and pushed her towards following her passion.  Patti looked up to her father as a great business man and she takes his work ethic into everything she does.  She feels that her father would be proud of what she has accomplished so far in her life and career.

Patti hopes to be able to encourage more people to become Electrologists.  She also hopes to be able to mentor her own pupil in the future as her teacher Patty Entwhistle mentored her.  She wants to help as many people as she can through her life’s work and passion.   Patti has brought joy back into many peoples lives.  She helps women and men feel more comfortable in their skin.  All you have to do is go to her website,, and read all her testimonials from many young women of the Rochester area as well as Penn Yen, Geneva and Buffalo and Syracuse, New York.

“Patti is not only an amazing Electrologist but a genuine wonderful person. I have been going to Patti for 10 months.” -Dawn P

“I have been a client of Silky Smooth Electrolysis for several months, and I am very satisfied with the results. Every visit has been a positive experience. The setting is inviting, and Patricia is a true professional with a vast knowledge of her craft. The comfort and health of her clients is of the utmost importance. I highly recommend Patricia and Silky Smooth Electrolysis to anyone considering permanent hair removal.” -Joy H.

These are just two of the many wonderful things that people have said about Paati and her practice.  She takes great pride in the relaxing atmosphere of her practice and with the knowledge she hands out to her clients and patients.  She makes sure her everyone is as comfortable as possible st every visit.  Patti encourages you to always do your research and understand the services you will be getting.