Kierra Natalie is a native of New Jersey who moved to Rochester NY in September of 2019.

Early 2019 Kierra was diagnosed with a debilitating disorder that compromised her digestive system. Kierra’s desire was to explore natural practices that would aide and restore the diagnosis of gastrointestinal inflammatory disease without the adverse effects of medications doctors provided. Realizing that her diet had a big effect on her overall health, and going alongside of Positive Vibration Fitness food program, dance fitness courses provided motivation for a healthier lifestyle. Kierra explored and studied healing via food and wanted to share the treasure of how food was healing her body.

Kierra detoxed herself from meats and all unnatural pleasure that she once desired; fast foods, processed, and genetically modified quick fixers. Kierra cleansed and naturally detoxified her body with the assistance of fruits, vegetable, and herbs. Her body expelled the toxins from her pores, and she began to break out all over her body. Already understanding how food would be her medicine, it was food that eased the reaction of toxins leaving her body on her skin. Kierra used apple cider vinegar to cleanse her skin directly. Cider is knownfor its cleansing and detoxifying properties. Apple cider vinegar is natures rubbing alcohol. To ease the burning sensation of the apple cider vinegar she used Aloe Vera leaf filling. By applying the gooey film of the Aloe plant, it took away the harshness of the cider vinegar. Kierra completed that process for five days and the reaction was no longer present.

Positive Vibration Fitness company (PVF) was designed to inspire everyday people to dance into their fitness goal. PVfitness company mission is to engage the community in self-awareness practices and increase physical and mental health. The essence of PVF has influenced people like Kierra to evolve physically and mentally with the inspirations of offered dance classes like; Chakra healing providing self-centered activities, Confidence booster courses encouraging self-exploration, One on One classes for private sessions and studio rental for instructors needing a locations to practice and or provide a class themselves. Sofia Natasha founded PvFitness Company in 2018 to increase physical awareness in the urban community and partnered with Kierra Natalie Creator and owner of SoFit Juice.

PVF launched Sofit Juice in May of this year and it has left its mark on every taste bud willing to explore the goodness of how restorative Kierra’s product is. Sofit Juice combinations are distinctive in taste and very enticing with each gulp. These medicinal juices are a sweet blend on savory and bitter aromas that are evidently not friendly to our taste buds. Kierra mask those not so friendly bitter aromas so well that even her vegetable flavors are fruity. Not only are Sofit Juice thirst quenching and taste bud provoking they are also very nutritional and light on our diet. No sugars added and still this juice embodies the sweet sugar taste through using earth’s natural alternatives. By the end of each experience there is guaranteed satisfaction with improved intestinal health. Sofit LemonAide comes in 14 flavors. Sofit Juices are so aromatic and sweet-scented in taste that you will forget how they alleviates toxins in our digestive system; Beat the Beets, Lemon Balm, Strawberry Sea Moss, Ginger, Cucumber Mint, Peach, Raspberry, Pineapple, Green Apple n Kale, Orange Turmeric, Apple Cider, Berry Blast, Carrot and Rose. Each flavor remedies the body, it is personalized and geared to healing our digestive system while also boosting our immunity.

PVF is in Rochester, N.Y and is offering Sofit Juice during the times of class listed at Pair a drink with a workout and you will maximize the benefits of both medicinal quality and workout. For instance, PVFitness drink of the month is Apple Cider LemonAide. Coupling the Cardi’O twerk session (one of the classes offered throughout the week) with Apple Cider LemonAide enhances the fat that is burned during a regular session. The Cardi’o Twerk class is a non-stop movement course that assist our body in burning calories and fat while dancing.

Apple Cider LemonAide pairs well because of the qualities in Apple cider Vinegar (one of the ingredients inside Apple Cider LemonAide). Apple Cider Vinegar detoxify, boost immunity and contributes to rapid weight-loss. The key factors of Apple Cider Lemon’Aide reinforces the benefits that PVFitness workout give, including the lemons with the Apple Cider and the Cardi’O twerk classes it maximizes the fat burned in the workout.

Another highlighted drink that Sofit juices offers that really make them stand out is their Rose LemonAide. The star component is the benefits of the pain-relieving agent the rose herb provides. Rose LemonAide gives you a sweet and Floral lemonade fragrant that permeates your tongue and nose with each swallow. The pairing of lemons with rose herbs reminds your taste buds of traditional lemonade with a Lightly flavored floral essence. Try incorporating the Rose LemonAide with any of PvFitness workouts and it will be guaranteed relief from any pain felt before, after and during workout.

The soul purpose of PVFis to create generational health and wealth. The Woman or man You practice being is the Man or Woman you will become. With practice and patience Kierra Natalie and Sofia Natasha aspire to set healthy eating habits and physical health along with inspiring and assisting the community to challenge themselves. Positive Vibration Fitness company and Sofit Juice are healthier options for the urban community. A good way to eating well is to have a healthy digestive system. Having different choices at affordable rates allow our community in Rochester options for better health. Many people set goals for weight loss and rid themselves of guilty pleasures their taste buds desire but Sofit Juices are a healthy pleasure.

PVF is helping the community hold themselves accountable to creating healthier habits by allowing access to programs healthier food and making them available in the urban communities. Options are slim and expensive but there is no limit and lowering standards when it come to choosing what right for our health. When you donot have health you do not have wealth. PVF is also offering monthly subscriptions for juices and workouts, food prepping services and apparel. The best is yet to come. Rochester look out for PVF and Sofit Juices!