From mom and pop shops to convenience stores, gas stations to grocery stores, CBD products are showing up everywhere. If you take a moment out of your daily commute to look around, odds are that you are passing by street banners, signs and billboards announcing the availability of CBD at this or that location. Which, on the surface, is very exciting and bodes well for the industry, but it begs the question: Why should I go there to buy my CBD?

The easy answer to that question is convenience. Why not just pick up a bottle of tincture or a CBD-infused beverage since you are at the gas station anyway? It’s there. So, why not? We believe the answer to that is simple, as well: how much does that gas station clerk know about the product they are selling you?

All Access CBD does not believe that all CBD is created equally, nor do we believe all CBD is sold equally. Just because a company is selling CBD does not mean they know, understand or appreciate the product. We have had a lot of experience with clients who have tried various CBD products from convenience stores. Overwhelmingly, we are told by them that “CBD doesn’t work for me.” When we probe deeper into that, we often find out they’ve been using an overly expensive product with relatively small dosages. These individuals bought and tried a CBD product to meet a need or solve a particular issue, only to feel they were cheated.
So while CBD becoming more readily available to the consumer is a good thing, it can also be damaging to the reputation of the product and the industry as a whole. All Access CBD believes it is our job to build trust in our products by taking the time to learn about our customers’ needs and find the right product for them. Our staff are knowledgable about not only the products we manufacture, but also the process behind each of them.

When we say “our product” that’s what we mean: it is ours. All Access CBD operates, essentially, farm to table. Working hand and hand with hemp farms and processors to deliver a quality CBD that we take and develop into our own line of products in an ISO6, pharmaceutical-grade laboratory. From the lab, to our shelves. It is our product. Which gives us the benefit of knowing that product and the ability to answer our clients’ questions accurately and honestly.

Products that we carry but do not manufacture are carefully selected based on that company’s standards, pricing and quality. In addition to the high standards we set, all products are tested by a third party and results are available on our website. We are prepared to answer questions about those products, as well.

We understand the need for convenience, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality or experience for it. All Access CBD cares about your wellness, especially in these times of social distancing. We work hard to bring you a product that is both convenient and effective based on our knowledge and understanding of what you need your CBD regimen to do for you.

Mike MacArthur – Owner
All Access CBD
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