Sheila Young is no stranger to Rochester Woman. You were first introduced to Sheila in the January 2019 edition, when she became a new writer for Something for the Sisters. You may also recognize Sheila as a plus-sized model. She has modeled for RWO in runway and print, in past editions. Sheila is also a cosmetologist. Her articles each month share with you, her experiences in modeling and as a hairdresser. 

Sheila is an inspirational woman who is always willing to help. She is very supportive of her friends in their events and in events in the community. She is also a mother and is very active assisting in her children’s extracurricular activities.

Sheila believes a very important concept to grasp is self-love. She feels that many females are judged by what they have as outer beauty and sometimes the most important inner beauty is overlooked. Many women are just not loving themselves in today’s society and that is a travesty. Sheila went through that too as a woman and indicates it is important for society to realize we are all beautiful just as God has made us. God made us all to be individuals. We must learn to accept ourselves as we are. We were made different for a reason. We must as women count all of the blessings we are given and not just for what we expect.

Sheila shares with us: “The biggest obstacle I have encountered trying to empower women is there is a lack of unity. More women should come together, stand up for what we believe in and stick together. Women often have a sense of comparison and competition with each other. We often are the ones tearing each other down”.

This concept is in general and in the modeling industry. Sheila finds the biggest issue she experienced modeling is “walking that walk” in confidence and purity.

Sheila says, “Some women model for show, some model because it was part of the family trait and some model because they truly feel it is their purpose. I, myself was not a plus-sized model, all of my life. I modeled for a couple of years now and I can honestly say it is hard, but I love it and it’s for me. I would say love what you do and make sure it’s from your heart. Ladies, make sure it is something you desire and you want for you. Anyone, model or not, you have to love yourself first. Make sure when you step on that runway, it’s for you. So, when you are out there, that is what you are portraying. You must represent the brand you are walking in and if you don’t love yourself, you will not be portraying the best image you are capable of”.

As women, we are often identified by our parental status. Being a mother is a role we are expected to play. Today’s society is very different from the days of “ Leave it To Beaver”. The role of the stay-at home mom is not usually what we find anymore in modern day families. Women can have careers and be a mom too. With that being said, there is now a huge challenge for career-minded women, as you must find a balance to achieve your goals as a career woman and still have time to be a mother to your children. There is also the fact that today there is an increase of single-mothers. Women who do it all on their own. Sheila is one of those women. She in an entrepreneur. She is a model. She works side jobs, she does whatever she has to do to support her family. She understands the balance of still finding “me” time, so she doesn’t lose her own identity in all of this. She pursues what she loves.

Sheila shares, “It’s truly hard trying to find time to raise kids and have a career. I find myself relying on family and friends to assist me. I do not have a husband or a significant other to help out. I truly have a circle that I’m willing to make sure they are good, and they do the same, so this helps me to maintain my career. I truly feel you should surround yourself with people who will uplift you and plant that root God is trying to build.

The toughest experience as a mom is trying to raise a child in this type of society, we have unknowingly been engulfed in. How I was raised, we had community and family. It is really hard taking on jobs, having a career or even making ends meet, when the society has changed as it has. The cost of living has changed and the fact that some kids are raised totally different than how you raise your kids plays into it as well. We as parents have to sacrifice for what we believe in and stick to our grounds.

I have worked hard to show and teach my children to love themselves first. Believe in yourself and you can be successful in anything you want to do. You go for what you want! Lastly, I don’t know about a lot of people and their faith or higher power, however, my higher power is God. With God having your back nothing can prevail”.

Make sure you check out Sheila Young’s monthly column in Something for the Sistas. It’s something you don’t want to miss.