From the wind to the rain, the ice and hail and crazy temperatures ranging from the 50’s straight into the 90’s, these past couple of months have been pretty damn taxing on all of us!

It’s hard to make plans when you don’t know if you are coming or going thanks to good old Mother Nature who seemingly could use a happy pill or eight at this stage of the game! But fret no more my friends, because I have some fun home remedies to share on quick and easy all natural ways to get that skin prepped, those lashes looking amazing and those feet ready for Summer weather.

Not a fan of chemicals? Me neither! Which is why I have spent the better part of the past three years post heart failure researching, testing and trialing my own holistic remedies that have all but replaced the seriously expensive, unhealthy and in many cases not at all like they are advertised products I have purchased in the last 20+ years of my adult life! <insert eye roll> The thought of how many tropical vacations I could have taken with all of that money!! Anyhow—moving on!

I am a HUGE supporter and user of therapeutic essential oils. I do not say this because I am a self made money maker so no worries, this is NOT a sales pitch. I say this because they have proven to work in so many areas of my life that I cannot help but spread the knowledge I have gained in hopes of helping someone else out. With over 5,000 years history of documented use there has to be some validity in oils working right?! Essential oils and botanicals whether you realize it or not are in so much of what we buy over the counter and spend crazy money on for everyday items. Soaps, candles, shampoo, medicine, perfumes, deodorants and even food & drink…you name it, they are in there!  I couldn’t possibly go over them all or tell you about them in just one article so for this Summer edition, I am going to focus on a few that can seriously help a sister out with some necessities of the season!

Let’s Begin!

The largest organ of the human body I.E. your SKIN needs some basic care to keep it beautiful, protected and well cared for all of the time. Here is how you can help yours.


Exfoliation–My favorite basic…THE ESSENTIAL SUGAR SCRUB!

There is no better way to exfoliate that dead skin and grime off of your body more than a basic sugar scrub. This is not something I recommend doing daily as exfoliation should only need to be done 1-2 times per week if done consistently. Here is a basic recipe that you can add your own scent/oil choice to and make it your own!


1 C Raw Organic Sugar- any brand is fine

2oz. Shea Butter (for moisture)

1oz. Coconut Oil


Essential Oils– Here are just a couple ideas from one’s I have made along the way. At the end of this article I will reference a great, inexpensive oil guide where you can find your own favorites with definitions and benefits of use. For any recipe it is my advice to start with a few drops at a time mixing and adding until you reach your personal preference of strength/aroma being careful not to add more than 20 total drops total to one jar of scrub. Anything more than 20 is a waste of oil (just my opinion).

Lavender: Lavender is such a widely used oil with so many therapeutic effects. It’s most prominent being anxiety relief and relaxation not to mention the fantastic smell it has!

Lemon: Aside from the awesome smell of citrus, lemon is known for cleansing and purification. Studies have also shown lemon to aid in nourishing the skin. Need I say more?!

Eucalyptus: I love this oil for use in lifting my mood, helping with headaches or sinus congestion and even allergies.

**These are single blend oils or “raw” oils as some refer to them. If you want more bang for your buck check out the blended oils as well at the link below! If you wish to purchase or learn more about YLO, I have listed information at the end of this article!

Directions: Using a standard or hand held mixer add all of the ingredients together in a bowl and mix until well blended. Store in an airtight container, my favorite thing to use is a small glass mason jar. Glass does not absorb and keep the scent of anything stored in it like other materials such as plastic do, so reusing is always an option if you decide to change up your oils.

Protect Your Skin! Sunscreen and AfterSun are a must when you plan a day outside. Do not let the clouds that may exist fool you. You can burn just as fast in the clouds as you can in the sun!

EO Sun “protectant” as I call it is my favorite recipe out of the many I have tried. I cannot give you an exact SPF rating as I am no chemist, what I can tell you is that this has stood up to some of the OTC brands I have bought with an SPF of 50. Now, mind you I am Irish and I am white as a ghost, so if it works on me, then there is a good chance it’ll work for you, but again as with anything bought or made, please test it for yourself before depending on it!


½ C Coconut Oil

½ C Shea Butter

¼ C Beezwax Pellets (waterproofing quality)

In a double boiler or in a bowl over a pot of boiling water heat these ingredients stirring occasionally until they are well combined. Remove from heat.

Essential Oils:

Carrot Seed – 15 drops

Myrrh – 15 drops

Lavender – 5 drops

Add to the base ingredients and mix well. Transfer to an airtight container and store for up to 6 months. Apply and reapply as needed.

AfterTheSun–– for those awesome days when you realize AFTER it is too late that maybe you overdid it! Shower and clean burned skin prior to use. Apply liberally to all areas as often as necessary to help relieve and heal the skin. Let’s be smart about this and understand the difference between a minor sunburn and the more dangerous burns caused by sun poisoning. If you are nauseous, vomiting, dehydrated, dry to the bone or feel the least bit like something is not normal after being burned in the sun, please consult a healthcare professional. More serious burns may need medical care that this simple salve will not give you!


6 Tablespoons 100% Pure Organic Aloe Vera Gel

30 Drops Lavender Essential Oil

30 Drops Peppermint Essential Oil

6oz or larger hermetic jar

Add aloe vera gel to container, add EO’s and with the end of a fork or spoon (Super classy I know!) stir the mix together well.

Lavender has natural healing properties for scrapes and burns. It also aids in the itching and dryness caused by sunburn. Peppermint aids in cooling the burn, drawing out the heat as well as pain relief qualities. Together these two along with the aloe are a tag team not to be defeated by sun!  Your skin will go from red to tan in no time. It is important to use immediately following the sunburn and every few hours as needed or when the skin becomes painful or itchy.

A little added bonus for you ladies and gents that have wicked tired and pained feet from being smooshed in sandals all day running around in the sun, here is a great simple salt soak for those tired puppies that’ll make you feel like a million bucks.

3oz. Hermetic jar

3 Tbsp Sea Salt (do not use fine ground)

1 Tbsp Epsom Salt

10 drops Lavender Essential Oil

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, transfer to glass jar for storage.

For use- Fill a plastic container large enough for your feet with hot water. Add 1 Tbsp of salt mixture and soak your feet until you feel better or until the water is no longer warm! Towel dry your feet, moisturize and relax……you’re welcome!!!

As I promised here are the links for the published guide I use for essential oils as well as contact information for myself if you wish to know more first hand. In order to purchase essential oils you must either be a member to receive wholesale cost or have a member’s ID when ordering at retail cost. Membership is nothing more than the purchase of a starter kit of your choosing with a wide range of budget friendly choices which will allow you to buy future oils at wholesale instead of retail cost.  There is no monthly or annual fees, no website you must keep up and pay for and no minimum sales. You simply go on and purchase at your leisure at least a couple times a year to maintain active status. Oil costs vary depending on demand, availability and start at as little as $11.  I chose the option of membership because the starter kit is not only a huge bargain, but I knew I would be spending enough money in oils and supplies to warrant the savings. This may be you, it may not. Either way, I have you covered. I will not contact you, add you to a never ending email distribution list, make you part of a “tribe” or any other crazy thing, as I do not have time for that. Not that I am against those that do, more power to ya lady, have at it!!! I will also not monitor your spending or babysit your membership use—-that is ALL you LOL.  What I will do is answer any questions you have or direct you to any reliable resource I know that can assist, show you the in’s and out’s if you wish from my own trial and error. That’s it, that simple!

For the publication on oils visit the link below to order (I am not paid for this, nor do I get any sort of kickback, a member’s ID or a membership is not necessary):

For ordering YLO Essential Oils or for more information please email me direct at:

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