It all started right here with Rochester Woman Online.  In 2015, publisher Kelly Breuer, first met Kady Hayle at the gym, where she worked as a personal trainer. She trained Kelly. Kady shared her story with Kelly during one of their sessions  and Kelly was so moved, published it. That was in 2015. 

  Kady then started out modeling, walking the RWO runway during expos and fashion shows with local designers and boutiques. She started to learn how to sew and started creating her own designs from ideas in her head.
In the beginning, Kady was hand-sewing her designs. Then, a designer backed out of a fashion show RWO was having and Kady took the spot showcasing her designs on the very runway she kicked off her modeling career. The rest is history!!!

But let’s take a second to back up to 2009. Kady suffered her second of three miscarriages setting her into a downward spiral. She was depressed. After a friend suggested she started an exercise program, Kady began to feel better. She began to reshape her body. Her demeanor changed, and she was able to start healing.  All of her personal struggles made living a heathy lifestyle important.

Kady also fell in love with fitness and got a job at the gym. She started out teaching Zumbaand then went on to become a certified professional fitness trainer. Insert meeting Kelly here.

RWO asked Kady what is the most rewarding part of doing this kind of work?

“The most rewarding part is to know I am helping people every day to take a hold of their lifestyles, whatever their goals may be. Some people struggle with various health problems, while others it may be to lose weight or even to improve their balance and coordination.”

Kady also enjoys a very interesting modeling career and lives her life outside of the “norm”.

RWO inquired in the era of “Everyone’s a fashion model,” how do you distinguish yourself from the rest?

“I am who I am. My fit body makes me unique. I am not your typical tall, slender model. I am only 5’4. My overall shape and fun personality sets me apart from other models, especially on the runway. I also prepare properly for each modeling job I get. Even my hairstyles are carefully crafted to bring the complete look together”.

Kady has been modeling for 3 years now. She as done commercials, movies, print modeling and even catalogue work. Her designs are featured in Fashion Week of Rochester, and will be rocking the runway again for RWO April 12th at the Women Entrepreneurs Expo and Fashion Show where she will be the grand finale!

She also does many other shows for charities. Since the age of 5, Kady wanted to model. She learned what it took to be in front of a camera and that it is not all glamourous. It takes hard work and fierce dedication. Kady is in her glory when modeling and she finds every opportunity priceless because she loves what she does.

Kady loves helping models too. Whenever she decides to participate in a fashion show as a designer, she always asks to provide her own models, so those who may have been otherwise overlooked get an opportunity to shine.

She still uses her favorites, because they are dependable and trustworthy. Letting others have an opportunity is important.

Kady also is collaborating with others to host her MOTIVATED TO MODEL EXPOS. These are workshops teaching models how to walk the runway, pose properly, and everything else modeling related.

In the Summer/Fall of 2016, Kady launched her own clothing line KKREATIONS. She finds the most interesting and rewarding part of being a seamstress/designer is seeing her vision come to life in an actual design. It jumps off the paper into colorful fabric. People get really excited about custom-made apparel. It is something made just for them; one-of-a-kind.

Kady describes this as: “Fashion designing is like watching a caterpillar transform into a butterfly.”

Kady indicates the entire process, over the last three years has been an eye-opener as she learns the business. She continues to improve her skills with higher education in the field. In the course of the next five years, KKREATIONS strives to be a well-established business and have a strong online shop that is among all those that are popular worldwide.

Kady will continue with her work in the fitness area, continuing to help her clients with their health and wellness goals. She is most proud she is able to serve as a role model in her community, seeking and training new talent in the industry and giving people a chance.

Kady is most thankful for her husband and mentor Gilmore Hayle. He is an amazing and patient man. She feels he is a true inspiration to her success and career. He is a photographer and has also worked with Rochester Woman.

He was able to showcase Kady’s talent on social media, in print, in front of the lens and everywhere in between. He loves what he does so he took an abundance of photos of his wife.

Gilmore has his own vision in the photography realm and this also is a great asset in marketing Kady’s designs and showcasing the fashions she creates.

Kady wants to leave the readers with some inspirational advice encouraging everyone to follow your dreams.

“I’ve overcome many obstacles including depression from losing 3 babies through pre-term labors, self-doubt from the fear of trying new things and developing the correct skill sets needed to work with models of diverse personalities, clients/customers and other fashion designers.
All of these things, molded me to become bold, firm and yet thoughtful, in the way I go about separating business from my personal life. If you have a dream do it!”.

Kady Hale and KKREATIONS started off right here with RWO. We are so proud of Kady and her accomplishments. We hope everyone can celebrate her success story with us.