What are the signs that help you make a lifestyle altering decision?

How do you decide whether it is time to “Love or List” your house? Home Improvement and Real Estate shows on TV make it look easy. There is a magical team of elves working hard in the background to make the clients design and real estate dreams come true. Reality TV is great entertainment when you are a spectator and cheerleader for someone else’s life. It is their financial health at stake not yours. It is a very personal decision to leave a home sweet home that you have come to love or love to hate. Let’s review some critical factors.

If you love where you live and the perfect new house at the right budget doesn’t materialize in the neighborhood maybe it is time to consider a change of scenery. Can you adjust your layout or build an addition to give you the peace of mind that you need for the stage of life that you are entering? Do you have way too many bedrooms, amenities that you no longer cherish and are paying for square footage or school district that you have not used in years? Look for alternatives in your desired area or go outside of your comfort zone to explore a new opportunity.

Is your home in perfect shape and the thought of starting renovations all over again is giving you nightmares? Then maybe you will want to consider a move into a new home tailor made for you. Talk to your Realtor, designer and builder about custom home options. It’s more affordable than you think. New construction offers you a new home warranty and the latest in building codes and material technology. You can also get into a net-zero home or one that will allow you to “Thrive-in-place” as your need for an accessible home increases.

Finding a Win/Win Solution
Did you buy your house at the right price and then have over-spent on personal decorating choices that will not realize you a return on your investment? While neutral choices offer the best increase in value by appealing to the masses, it does not provide you a lot of personal joy! If you can’t see yourself living with someone else’s decorating style then you may be better off staying put.

There are amazing homes out there if you are working with a talented Realtor and are ready to take their advice in getting you the home of your dreams. You cannot wait when the perfect home appears. If it is perfect for you then it is likely on other’s wish list. You then have to be prepared to let your house go and do everything you can for a quick sale at top dollar. Most effective is decluttering and cleaning prior to showing and doing all necessary repairs to be in the best condition possible and staging to remove all personal and religious effects. People want to see the move in condition and value of your list price. Since you have to improve your home anyway to get the best outcome you may as well do it now and enjoy the fruits of labor while you contemplate the best solution.

High Tech
In today’s connected world there are so many options to help you take control of your space! Miele is a leader in appliances with Con@ctivity 2.0 which is a platform to have access to your appliances and cooking technology with your smart phones and tablets. Everything you need to execute perfect recipes every time is made user friendly, consistent and easy to use. Never worry again about a refrigerator or freezer door being left open, a leaky dishwasher or washing machine accidently flooding your rooms or overcooking a favorite recipe.

Discover how SONOS can streamline your sound system and music library, Nest can tame your HVAC environment, Phillips Hue can light up your life and

Ring can keep you informed about the activity around your home. Being tech savvy has never been more enjoyable or stylish!

High Style
HGTV and Cable TV shows, Design Apps and Designer Catalogs have made excellent interior design accessible to everyone. It has allowed people to unleash the designer within them. Consult with a qualified Interior Designer who will guide you through the process, step by step and help you translate the ideas that you have collected and want to live with.

Rooms should be spaces of joy! Reflecting all the things that are important to you. Colors, textures and objects should make you smile.

City Sense brings the International Design Centers directly to you. Traditionally the to the Trade only Design Centers in New York, Toronto, Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and in other major markets were the exclusive domain of Interior Designers. Some have now opened their doors in a limited way to the public for browsing but purchases require a design professional. City Sense has access to a vast array of these unique and varied offerings. Traditional Retail Shops also offer trade discounts to designer that the public does not have access to. Stop in at City Sense Monday – Friday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm or call Dani for a private appointment at your convenience.

Health, safety and welfare are the foundations for any great environment. The myriad of beautiful products and reliable service providers available are astounding. New technology and the latest product are always emerging. Tried and true classics and design principles never steer you wrong. Surround yourself with the people who you love and bring your personality to every space that you occupy. Project ideas can easily be translated into your everyday with planning, a budget and timeline that suits you. A great design can be created at all price points.
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