Three to five seconds – that’s it!  That’s the amount of time it takes your potential customers to analyze you and your business from their first impression of your website.  This snap judgement of your business’s character and reliability is done in less time than it takes to read the navigation menu on your website.

Why so quick? Because potential customers want to identify with the businesses they choose to do patronize.  They want to feel your entire business’s story and identify with it’s message before they spend a dime with you.

Because of this snap judgement, businesses are going packing a punch and pouring their souls out on their homepages.  Some are even pairing multi-page websites down to only one page so their audience gets a full glimpse of their offerings without having to click around.  Navigation bars no longer send their customers down a rabbit hole of clicks to poke around for information.  Instead, business share their entire soul on the first and only page and use their navigation as hot links to sections on their pageless site to help their customers skim through their story faster as if they were reading CliffNotes on their business.

If you’re planning on launching a new business in 2017, think about going “pageless” with your web design. Here are my Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Go Pageless with your next web design:

1. Better Visitor Experience

Think about everything you have to offer and putting it all in one easy to navigate page.  You visitors won’t have to worry about getting lost in the pages and you can rest assure that they’ll see everything you have to offer.

2. Easier Navigation

When designing a one page site, navigation is a beautiful thing. Rather than taking you to multiple pages where your information is hidden, your navigation will bring your visitors to sections on the one page.  You can rest assure that all your information is seen by your visitor whether they’re scrolling down the page or using your navigation.

3. Higher Google Rating

Let’s be honest. Having the highest Goolge rating is every business owner’s goal.  When you have a one page website there is higher chance for better Google ranking. Because your site is only one page, your high Google ranking would be applied to the whole site, increasing the traffic to you site.

4. Easier Site Maintenance

It’s a no brainer that a one page website would be easier to maintain.  And when you’re focusing on kicking off a new business, having an easy-to-maintain website is a beautiful thing.  When you need to make some changes to the site, it’s a lot simpler than a site with a lot of pages, leaving time for you to get back to your real job.

5. Best First Impression

One page websites are not the norm. When your potential customer visits your unique site, they’ll surely be impressed with your innovative design.

Before you contact a web designer, keep in mind the option to design a simple, expression and very informative “pageless” site for your new business.  When you’re ready to kickoff your new business and get off the ground – contact Jessica Kelly at Given Wings Design Studio, LLC for a FREE website consultation.