With over fifteen years of experience, trainers Noah Jobin and Josh Deporter of Irondequoit Fitness, enjoy sharing their knowledge of assisting people in becoming healthy and fit. It is much more than a job for them. They were both overweight (70-80 pounds) striving to become an example to their clients. It was important to them sharing their journey of weight loss as they learned themselves the importance of healthy living.

Josh and Noah feel as trainers, they relate better with their clients because they understand the weight-loss struggle. Getting motivated is often the beginning and or failure of the journey for people. Many people look for the quick-fix when battling the bulge. There are millions of products on the market promising to jump start the weight-loss struggle. But is this product safe? And will it produce maintainable results?

Josh and Noah created a long-term solution starting off the New Year. January is often the time consumers decide their New Year’s resolutions is to begin on a weight-loss program. Newly designed at Irondequoit Fitness is the “New Year, New You, Boot Camp”. This is the perfect opportunity for people to be the change they always knew they could be. The 30-minute class (designed for all fitness levels) is conveniently scheduled on Saturdays. The guys welcome anyone and look forward to helping everyone begin their journey.

When starting a fitness program, the pair offers a warning for newcomers, there are often easy ways to get discouraged. They caution the obvious, regarding checking your progress by getting on the scale. Often times, results from a fitness program are not measured easily by pounds shed. They recommend documenting the journey by taking before and after photographs, taking measurements or looking at the change in the looseness of your clothes.

To be successful in becoming healthy, it is important to recognize it will take long-term determination, discipline and consistency. This journey often becomes discouraging as progress is slow-and-steady. This is a life-style change; a marathon. People often believe in the short distance race, searching for a rapid weight loss which rarely occurs when doing it the right way.

To successfully change life-styles, an exercise program must be incorporated, along with changes to diet. Additionally, it is important to note the way eating fits into your schedule. Making these changes is often difficult. As a habit develops or you become complacent in the way to do things it becomes a set schedule. The numbers on a scale do not accurately reflect the health status of an individual. It is only a piece of the journey.

Josh and Noah state: “It is quite common to have two people at identical height and weights where they are radically different in strength, muscle and overall health. This is measured in differences of fat mass and lean muscle. It’s even possible for the same person, over the course of a year to look dramatically different but remain the same weight.

The real danger for people beginning a weight-loss journey is the stress level they create constantly getting on the scale. When clients weigh themself too often they can become discouraged if not getting the expected results. They may also have unrealistic results for the progress obtained when joining a program. Weighing too often can literally contribute to weight gain, simply through the stress it creates. What’s worse is the fat gained through stress (visceral fat) acts differently than normal fat.

Visceral fat is much more problematic because it’s more resistant to exercise. To lose the same amount of weight in comparison to someone with subcutaneous fat or lower stress levels a person must work harder. In addition, this type of fat mimics high cortisol levels which slows metabolism. It also increases hunger through insulin spikes and dropping blood sugar levels. When the body experiences this dynamic people binge eat bad foods. Lastly, sleep cycles are affected adversely. During this time, the body isn’t actually building muscle, losing weight or getting stronger. All of these things mentioned are actually achieved outside of the gym. It is important the decision to live healthy is a life-style change.

Josh and Noah hope everyone thinks about doing something healthy in the New Year. They are committed to assist their new clients in learning the right way to start a weight loss journey. Beginning January 7, 2017, the boot-camp exercise session will be offered as mentioned on Saturdays. The cost of the class is $ 10.00 a lesson. The session is 30 minutes in duration.