Kitchen Thyme Design Studio sits in a quaint boutique style shop in the heart of Bushnell’s Basin on Kreag Road in Pittsford, NY and this month hits a milestone celebrating a decade in business! Denise Peters, owner and design expert has a passion for helping others reach their goals of a beautiful, ageless kitchen or bath.

She has helped clients all over Upstate New York as well as the Thousand Islands and the Virgin Islands. Life for her is about taking in the moments and cherishing them one day at a time. Here is her story.

Denise, the daughter of a homebuilder and cabinet maker knew from a very young age she had a love for home remodel and design. She pulls on that experience to add to over 15 plus years in the business herself designing, overseeing and selling kitchen and bath remodels. From simple yet sophisticated to a full overhaul, Denise ensures every client feels the same happiness and enjoys the remodel process from moment one with Kitchen Thyme. Clients can choose to meet with her at the boutique where every moment is spent on their project or she will come to them in the comfort of their own home.
Clients will feel a part of their project every step of the way and even after completion. Denise is CAPS Certified (Certified Aging in Place) which allows those that wish to remain in the comfort of their own home as they age the reassurance that she will design a home that will grow with them safely and efficiently. She is also affiliated locally with RHBA (Rochester Home Builders Association) as well as the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association). She takes pride in knowing she has been both the contracted and the contractor over the years and brings this knowledge and experience with her to her clients to help set reasonable expectations as well as to limit any inconveniences that may arise. It’s this experience that has put her at the top of the industry and why she is going strong in her 10th year in business.

Her Inspiration

If asked this same question many years ago, Denise would have told you that she gained inspiration from those individuals that were larger than life. Now, her inspiration comes from her family. Denise says that her three grandchildren are her inspiration. They drive a passion in her that makes her want to leave this world a better place for them. They lead her to stand up for values of importance to her because they are important to them. Her grandchildren she says, are beautiful and bring more joy to her than she could have ever imagined. It’s these three that bring amazing insight about the world through unfiltered eyes and their theories on why things are the way they are!

Aside from family, she is inspired by those who live simple yet passionate lives. Friends that enjoy photography, nature, their landscapes. When she needs to reset, Denise says she wakes up a bit early to catch the days sunrise. This is just enough to give her the inspiration boost she needs.

Aside from business
Business keeps her busy however, aside from that Denise enjoys many things. She is a mother to three grown children, a grandmother, a friend, a writer, and her own home design and remodeler! She is working on house #6 that she has bought to remodel and sell. She doesn’t follow the traditional “house flip” role however in that she has only bought, remodeled and sold 5 houses over the last 10 years taking her time on each individual project whether it be a year or more to ensure it is what she would want to see if she were the home buyer. She does not want potential purchasers to feel like they are walking into a flip, she wants them to feel the time and love she has put into the home and cherish it the same way that she had during the process. This, she says is where her passion truly lies. Aside from her business Kitchen Thyme, she also continues this work as her own hobby!

Another hobby that she soon hopes to turn into more that Denise enjoys is writing. She cherishes the stories she would tell her children as they would lie in bed to fall asleep and in recent months has finally had the time to put them on paper. She hopes that one day soon she will be able to publish some of them for others to enjoy as well. In the Summer months you will most definitely find Denise out and about enjoying the many live music festivals we have here in Rochester, her favorite being the Rochester International Jazz Festival.

Her legacy
We meet so many people along the story that is our life and Denise would find happiness in knowing that in the end she has made a lasting impression on those she has had touched as well as those that she loves and cherishes enough to call friends. Her humble hope is to be able to continue inspiring others through her work and her life. Life is not always easy, but as she puts it, it is always transforming and she wants to make it a point to be a positive part of this transformation process. She hopes that her children will remain strong and true in their beliefs as she has and will continue to. Just like her designs, her inspiration she hopes, is timeless.

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