The Perfect HUE
The Perfect HUE
The Perfect HUE
The Perfect HUE
The Perfect HUE
The Perfect HUE


The German term Bauhaus—literally “construction house”—was understood as meaning “School of Building”.

-A triangle, circle and square are the shapes that create everything we see on earth. I even have a tattoo on my neck representing this symbolic constructivism. Included with colors red, yellow and blue in it, (colors I’ll be featuring in a coming article), this tattoo has a significant meaning, as that is what the HUE brand is built around.

“Hair cutting simplified in one sentence; pull away from what you want to keep.”

At Hue Salons we combine the technique of pulling away with utilizing shapes when cutting guests hair. “It’s architecture.”

Style with Knowledge is the basis of how the artists at Hue Salons conduct guests consultations. During Maja’s Style with Knowledge consultation we included the discussion of creating an illusion of exaggerated length, width and height; the three dimensions of shape.

Picture a chop stick and how it is thick at the base and thin at the ends. That was the challenge with Maja’s hair. We needed to remove weight from the base to give the illusion of thicker ends.

We achieved this by utilizing three shapes; a triangle at the nape of her neck to the point of her ear, a circle on the crown of her head, and a square at her temporal bones. The triangle was cut concave, over-directing hair to the center of her nape. This removes weight where everyone has too much and forces weight to go behind the ear where everyone has much less.

The circle was slightly disconnected in length. Think of a wedding veil as it cascades over everything underneath. Within that circle there were many smaller triangles that were also cut concave to exaggerate height and create points within the shape.

The square was thencut balanced on each side to protect the length and exaggerate fullness.

The internal shape, meaning everything not discussed, was wrapped around Maja’s head and cut short to long. Utilizing her bone structure to create layers versus elevation. This made it able for us to create a very custom tailored layer for Maja’s haircut.

Now think of a headband if you were to tie it in a bow on your forehead; the hair comes from the back and wrapps to the front of her head then is cut short to long to create movement within the shape.

So after our creation, we bring our guest to the glass enclosed washhouse, where you will feel a sense of peace in the tranquil atmosphere; the smells and warm air will make you feel relaxed.

Part of thewashhouse experience is to let the guest pick the experience they want to have with us.

Maja choose “Lemon Aid.”

The HUE Salons Artistic Team will basically make “lemonade” in the guests hairb by starting with a soft scrub of sugar in the raw, then adding fresh squeezed lemons and finishing with a sparking water rinse.

Sugar in the raw is meant to exfoliate your scalp while stimulating blood flow and increase circulation. The fresh squeeze of lemons then gently cleanses and swells each individual hair strand while enhances shine and body. To finish the experience, sparking water is used to rinse the guest hair to create bubbles that will make you feel revitalized.

The “experience” is then followed up with a healthy dose of Paul Mitchell’s hair repair treatment which repairs weak, damaged hair and improves strength, texture and elasticity.

Thefinish; to others known as style, was a classic set with a modern twist. Utilizing Paul Mitchell’s Super Skinny Serum to reduce blow drying time and to increase shine.

Paul Mitchell Express ION XL brushes and Extra Body Firm Finishing Spray were all used together to create volumeous waves and increased shine and manageability.

At Hue Salons we make sure that experience and presentation is highest priority.

Everything is very clean and crisp in the salon, with bright white and silver decor for
a high class feeling. We even give every guest a bottle of VOSS water.

Each brush that is used has been cleaned and is individually wrapped right at the artist’s station. The presentation of each brush being brought out in front of the guest and unwrapped allows the guests to feel as if they were the first one sitting in the artists chair.

The brushes were used in a modern way to create a roller set for Maja with each brush being intentionally set in a way to create body and movement.

When the Maja was finished in the artist chair, she was then brought over to the makeup station. She got to sit in a Directors chair and have the option to have her makeup touched up, or completely applied. This is an option for all of our guests.

Each artist in the salon is trained in Cao Cosmetics, a high definition brand based out of LA; the owner Alee a good friend of mine is also the owner of a Paul Mitchell School. Alee believes in the HUE Salons brand and was able to fly out an educator to Rochester to train the team when we first opened.

Each station is adaptive with an iPad to enhance and engage each guest. The iPads are used to give a blueprint of your haircut and color placement, so every time you come back to Hue Salons you are able to get the exact haircut no matter what artist you see.

If this is the experience for only a haircut,
just imagine what the experience would be for a color?

Stay tuned for next month when Rochester Woman Online owner Kelly Breuer talks about her experience with me and her new color, style and look. It is going to be something you won’t want to miss!