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GREG POLISSENI…Getting To Be Himself Every Day and Doing The Things He Loves

If you ask people what makes a fulfilling life, you’ll often get a litany of bright and shiny ideas – fortune, popularity, travel, fancy cars, etc. Indeed, these days, we strive to have it all. But what happens when the shine begins to rust? If you ask Greg Polisseni, a man who has everything that most folks would define as markers of success, his parameters for living a fulfilled life are a little different – humble, even:

“It’s getting to be myself every day and do the things I love, surrounded by the people that love me. That’s what it’s all about.”
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TOM MALLOY The Man Behind The Smile

Tom Malloy walks up to me at Starbucks on a sunny day in Webster, NY and the first thing you notice is his handsome smile.

Although he’s a critically acclaimed actor, producer and screenwriter, his happiness is no act.  Tom is relaxed and genuinely joyful as he talks about his life, his career, and most importantly his kids.Continue reading