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April From the Publisher

Kelly Breuer, Publisher

“Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.”
– Sara Blakely (founder of Spanx)

Woman Entrepreneur is said to be a“Women who innovate initiate or adopt business actively are called women entrepreneurs.” Women entrepreneurship is based on women participation in equity and employment of a business enterprise.”-J. Schumpeter So with that being said, it is fitting that this April’s women entrepreneurs edition of Rochester Woman Online would have Anne Marie DeSalvo on the cover. A woman who is at the helm of the Glow Sunless Tanning enterprise.Not only does she keep all of Rochester “Glowing”, but she is also a mother, a wife, and just a really amazing lady. One that I am happy to call my friend.Continue reading



House training your family pet can be a challenge and frustrating experience for everyone including your pet. As a family it is critical to be consistent and remain focused on the task one day at a time.

Being successful is a primary goal for any dog and when you give your dog positive reinforcement for eliminating outside each time they will learn from your positive experience. To be successful, I have created some really simple steps for you to achieve your goal and to have a dog in your home that looks forward to going outside to potty. The first goal as a family you need to establish an area outside to be taken to eliminate.Continue reading



Andrea Miller has always been involved in doing for others, particularly animals. One beautiful Rochester morning before the crowds began to stream in to Rochester’s Clothes-Line Art Festival, she finished setting her booth up and began visiting other booths, as “they all do at some point during the day”.It was then that she found “Meals On Wheels Pet Food Program.” Familiar with “Meals On Wheels”, this was a new twist! Intrigued, Andrea jumped to volunteer.Continue reading


Anne Marie DeSalvo: Making Rochester “GLOW” for 10 years!

Today, there are countless places where one can get a spray tan in Rochester, but this was not always so. A short decade ago, Anne Marie DeSalvo, owner of Glow Sunless Tanning salons, had a vision. Because of her drive, talent, and desire to help other women succeed, this vision has not only become her enterprise, but a means of catapulting the businesses of countless women across the greater Rochester area.

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Beauty Beyond Just Looks

As a young woman, Maja (Pronounced Maya) was always beautiful. She was born in Yugoslavia in a small town Kraljevo. Her country endured political turmoil. It was a very different climate than what we have in America.  She learned early on in her life there were good people and bad people. She determined she wanted to be a good person. It was hard being a woman in a male-dominated world where women were constantly suppressed but Maja found a way to rise above and become not just a pretty face.Continue reading


Write Your Own Ticket

“Write your own ticket! Set in motion powerful forces which we cannot explain.” These are the words of inspiration spoken by an unassuming entrepreneur in history, Brownie Wise, when she was the convocation speaker at a college in Mississippi in 1957.  Most of you are saying to yourself right now, “Who is Brownie Wise?”  Well, I did some digging in the Journal of Women’s History and I thought I’d share with you the woman who wasn’t supposed to be what she became.  You know what I mean…there are some people we just know are going to make history and be really successful in life.  Brownie Wise wasn’t that woman.Continue reading


The WomenElect Training Program

From October 1st—16th of 2013, the federal government shutdown due to partisan fighting in Congress. That shutdown and stopped paychecks to government employees and retirees who relied on social security and veterans. It halted important work in research and oversight, education and healthcare. It put families and our society at risk, all over a political disagreement. It was widely reported that it was the women members of the U.S. Senate who continued to work in a bi-partisan fashion to craft a compromise that would end the shutdown and get the federal government back to the work of serving the citizens.

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