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Entrepreneurial Success: Enzo Scollo

When you have someone who focuses on honesty and reliability, you have met Vincenzo Scollo, who goes by Enzo to many. I had the pleasure to chat with Enzo about how he has become one of the most successful Allstate Insurance agencies in the Rochester area and how he has built his business. He has been with Allstate for over 17 years and has worn many hats in the company. His experience has allowed him to not only understand the ins – and – outs of insurance, but to also serve hundreds of families regarding their protection needs, such as family, home, car, boat and much more.Continue reading


Behind the Scenes…Photographer Brandon Vick

Kitchen Thyme Design Studio sits in a quaint boutique style shop in the heart of Bushnell’s Basin on Kreag Road in Pittsford, NY and this month As Platter Chatter writer, I eat and write about my fair share of delicious food. In a way, you could say those are my talents – eating and writing. But to make the monthly column as mouthwatering as it is, waxing poetic can only go so far. Continue reading


Travis Heider: Fighting for High Quality Healthcare at the Lowest Possible Cost


If you ever want to meet someone who’s passionate about his work, then you have to meet Travis Heider, President and CEO of the Rochester Regional Healthcare Association Family of Companies. RRHA Family of Companies is comprised of two not-for-profit and two for-profit organizations that have one mission: to provide the highest quality services at the lowest possible cost while maintaining the highest levels of quality care to those they serve in their communities.Continue reading


Where Everybody Knows Your Name…Perlo’s Restaurant

“Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name.”

 Cheers may have coined this classic — daresay cliche — line, but isn’t it just the truth? No matter where we go, humans as a species long for community. Like a watering hole in the serengeti, community forms around what gives us life. Food, drink, friendship, family — all of these things keep us together, happy, and thriving. And for many in Rochester, Perlo’s Restaurant in Penfield is the spot for food, libations, celebration, and tradition.Continue reading


May From The Publisher

Kelly Breuer, Publisher

“I cook with wine. Sometimes I even add it to the food.” -W.C. Fields

The next best thing to eating food, is talking about it. In this months May edition of Rochester Woman Online, we are doing just that…talking wine and food with some fabulous local restaurants, chefs, wine bars and more. With over 286 pages of compelling stories, tips and tricks, inspirational features and incredible advertisers, it is hard to figure out where to begin!Continue reading


Women Who Inspire…Denise Peters of It’s Kitchen Thyme


Kitchen Thyme Design Studio sits in a quaint boutique style shop in the heart of Bushnell’s Basin on Kreag Road in Pittsford, NY and this month hits a milestone celebrating a decade in business! Denise Peters, owner and design expert has a passion for helping others reach their goals of a beautiful, ageless kitchen or bath.

She has helped clients all over Upstate New York as well as the Thousand Islands and the Virgin Islands. Life for her is about taking in the moments and cherishing them one day at a time. Here is her story.Continue reading


Susan Talks Home


It’s never too soon to begin planning your move. The best way to make a smooth transition is with a checklist.

It’s also a great way to involve the entire family in the move and to spread some of the responsibilities to each person, including your children. You’ll feel a sense of accomplishment as items are checked off. Moreover, as the weeks roll by, your checklist will help ensure that nothing has been overlooked or omitted from your planning, and that alone will go a long way toward relieving some of your anxiety.

Here are a Few Moving Tips To Get You Started…Continue reading