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Kitchen Tips

Kitchens are the heart of the home, serving a unique purpose in every home.  If you are considering  a new kitchen, consider the following tips when you are planning the project.

Work with an experienced kitchen designer that can help guide you through the many decisions necessary in creating your new space. Your designer will help to educate you on the newest products that are available as well as the offer recommendations for the best use of your space.  A designer’s expertise should help educate you on the available products that will satisfy your needs as wells as reflect your personal style. Working with a professional can save time and costly mistakes.

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Her Edge: Sitima Fowler

Sitima Fowler, has been making waves in Rochester. As Co-CEO of CAPSTONE Information Technologies Inc., one of Rochester’s Top 100 businesses, and the founder of RochesterRockstars.com. She is also co-author of the book, Computers Should Just Work! and frequently blogs for the RocNext section of the Democrat and Chronicle. Sitima and her husband, Mike Fowler, started CAPSTONE in 2003 and since then have grown it into one of the fastest growing companies in the nation according to Inc. 5000. Together, they are honored to be chosen as Rochester Business Council’s 2015 Person of the Year.

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What Can I Do?

You watch the news, you see random, everyday, people being victimized by criminals. You think: “She is just like me, all she was doing was walking to her car” or “I jog there as well and she was attacked.” Pretty scary when you think about how a random crime can affect you. How a seemingly innocent night out, trip to the park to run, or a drive in your car can become a life changing event.

“I need to do something,” you say to yourself, but what CAN you do?

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Spring Into Something New

I hear birds singing outside my window!  March 20th is the first day of spring, so bring on the warmth.  Oh wait; it’s Rochester!  I must have typed that with a brain freeze because warm summer breezes could still be a couple months away.  That beautiful week in February was just a smidgeon of what is to come.  If anything, it created in me some wishful thinking. What about you?

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Healthy Snacks for the Mindless Eaters

For most of my life, I didn’t have weight issues. I was always active in sports, I watched what I ate and was a healthy individual. I never had eating disorders or anything aggressive like that, I was just constantly active, on the move and definitely health conscious.  In high school, I never was one to hang out with the kids who were experimenting in drugs or alcohol and I drank maybe once or twice, so that was never really part of my life until college. Continue reading


Spa Cheers to Health!

Spa cheers to health!

Mention  the  spa and you can almost hear a chorus sighing: wouldn’t that be nice? Let’s face it, most of us dream of a visit to the spa.   Whether we have ever visited one or never have set a foot in one, spas never fail to evoke the ultimate, ever-elusive feeling of relaxation and pampering we usually reserve for the elite and glamorous.  And yes, isn’t it nice to feel like a celebrity and indulge yourself in a world all your own, even if only for a few hours?

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Why is Weightloss a Struggle?

So you’ve heeded the Riddle Wellness weight loss prescription. You’re visiting the gym regularly, you’ve trimmed your diet of fatty foods, maybe you’ve even upped your cardio. But every time you step onto the scale, you don’t see any change. What are you doing wrong?

It can be frustrating to put tremendous effort into a healthy lifestyle and see little results. The answer lies in particular nutritional deficiencies.

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Massage: What Is It?

Massage.  What is it?  In the United States, most people look at massage as a therapeutic treatment or as a luxury relaxation treatment.    Massage therapy can be dated back to 2330BC at the Tomb of Akmanthor, also known as “The Tomb of the Physician”.  In the tomb, there are pictures of two men having work done on their hands and feet.  Massage is also referred to in 30 different chapters in the Nei Jing, also known as the “The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Canon”, where it describes the different massage techniques and how they should be applied for different ailments and injuries.  Hippocrates wrote in 460 BC, “The physician must be experienced in many things, but assuredly in rubbing.”

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I’ve Joined the V-cup Revolution

Recently Rochester Woman Online’s  Diva 2 (aka me, Kelly Breuer) had the chance to test the V-Cup for the past few months. Originating right here in Rochester, NY, this revolutionary feminine hygeine product is an experience no woman should go without trying. It provides a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and convenient alternative to monthly menstruation products for the woman of today.

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Psychic Intuition

Dear Sarah, 

I have had many dreams that have come true and recently dreamed of someone with whom I was very close but she suddenly moved without even a goodbye. In the dream she was parked and loading her car very near my home but did not visit. How do I figure out if I have abilities?


A friend from Massachusetts

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