Kelly Breuer


Staying True To Their Mission…ROC DANCE

Roc Dance is a new dance studio in Webster, and offers classes to dancers of all ages and abilities. The owners, dance college graduates Charlotte & Krista believe passionately that the skills learned at their dance studio go far beyond simply learning dance steps! Charlotte originally from the UK, and Krista a native to Rochester have both traveled the world performing. Brought together over a common love for all things dance and performing arts they are not only business partners but best friends.Continue reading


Mammograms Save Lives. Period.

As October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, now is a great time to clear up questions and misconceptions that many women, including my patients over the years, have had when considering a mammogram. Hopefully by sharing the facts I can offer you a level of comfort and understanding of the mammography experience.Continue reading


She’s Your New Breast Friend

Surgeon for Breast Reconstruction at the Quatela Center – Dr. Emese Kalnoki

I managed to live without my hair because I knew it would grow back. But I couldn’t cling to the same kind of hope after my double mastectomy. Unlike hair, breasts weren’t going to grow back. I thought it was going to be fine. They were only breasts; just because they were gone didn’t mean I was any less of a woman.Continue reading


Making a Fresh Start

Forgiveness is the Gift We Give Ourselves

Rebuilding after domestic violence is one of the hardest things a person will ever do. Too many people believe that domestic violence ends instantly once the couple separates and all goes back to normal. I think this is one of the main reasons why people looking in from the outside so often ask the question, “Why doesn’t she/he just leave?”Continue reading