Jim Payne


Senior Isolation and Loneliness

My life has been filled with loved ones, companionship, social causes and a career that has kept my mind and soul in a state overload (in a good way).  Life has been filled with a hundred reasons to get up in the morning and a hundred new reasons every day.  But some days, I think about what it will be like when I retire and life slows down to the point that I can do all those projects around my house, or I could simply sleep in until the sun is up.  We all hope our retirement will be a time when we can travel, watch our grandkids more often and volunteer a couple of days a week to give back to society.

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Does Mom Need Help or Do I?

The old saying “you don’t know what you don’t know” often applies to those who realize that they or their parent’s life is becoming increasingly difficult as the effects of aging sets in. Challenges with activities of daily living, memory, health and social interaction can make the desired lifestyle difficult to maintain. But, without prior experience dealing with aging transitions, none of us know how to research, understand and make decisions about the best options for the next phase of our lives or the lives of our aging loved ones.

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It Gets Better With Age

Assuming we are lucky enough to possess good health and safety, we will all become “senior citizens” (or as I prefer “senior adults”) in our lifetime.  What that means to each of us varies greatly depending on our own health, financial situation, family, personality, culture and many other factors that affect attitude and ability to create the life we desire as we age.

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