From a reputable salon to an aesthetic center like no other, Marc San Fillipo has had one heck of an odyssey encompassing the last two years. Trying to navigate the signs, overcome the obstacles and listen to the universe redirecting him to a place where he can institute beauty the way he has always intended.

This is how oNe Beauty Body Life Aesthetic Center has come to life. Marc has always understood that the foundation to a happy existence begins with the reflection in the mirror; not the physical, the emotional. “When anyone, and it doesn’t matter whether you’re 5 or 95, male or female looks in the mirror, there is an immediate reaction, an involuntary response that occurs. My hope for every client is that at that split second, that reflection puts a smile on his or her face.” At that moment, with a favorable emotional response, that person can build on that emotional foundation that has been brought about by their outward appearance. Beauty is the basis and foundation of oNe Beauty Body Life. Secondly comes the importance of physical health and wellness. During these past two years Marc, his wife Debbie and their daughter Jessica had become embroiled in physique competitions. This deep commitment to their new sport brought incredible knowledge in nutrition and training through the experts they came into contact with. This knowledge Marc and Jessica freely share with their clients to help encourage their clients to lead a healthier and more fulfilled life.

As karma often works its magic, a friend described PEMF therapy and how it cured a friend’s stage 4 cancer (which was previously non-responsive to traditional medical procedures).

Marc started researching PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy and the more Marc learned about this therapy’s remarkable track record for healing even the most complex ailments and conditions, the more convinced he became that he had to make PEMF systems available to his clients. Today, Marc is doing just that as a Certified Lifestyle Consultant with PEMF market leader Swiss Bionic Solutions. He offers PEMF sessions in his salon and also offers these devices for in-home use.

PEMF therapy, which stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself through exposure to low level magnetic fields, is an ideal fit to the new business Marc and his 28-year-old daughter have opened in East Rochester– oNe Beauty Body Life Aesthetic Center. ONE is described as a healthy lifestyle enterprise that offers services to help clients look and feel their best – inside and out. We refer to ourselves as fitness and nutrition “guides”, we’re not experts, but we can help get people started in the right direction safely, then refer them to our network of expert Trainers, Nutritionists and Dietiticians.

Traditional hair and colour services for women and men, eye lash extentions, industry leading hair extensions and make-up applications encompass the original beauty offerings of the business. For close to 30 years, Marc owned and operated Salon Brio in Pittsford; now with his daughter Jessica by his side they expanded their services to include fitness and nutrition guidance and referrals. This was a natural outgrowth of their own fitness training and participation in local physique competitions. And now with the introduction of PEMF our clients have one source and access to a full line of healthy lifestyle services.

More About PEMF
Though this type of therapy is not commonly known, PEMF has been widely used in Europe as a holistic alternative to treat hundreds of ailments from the common cold to chronic fatigue syndrome. In Canada, the PEMF system is a licensed medical device with doctors writing prescriptions for treatments. In the United States, the FDA approved its use for the orthopedic industry more than 20 years ago to help patients regenerate bone growth. Today the FDA has cleared its use for everything from depression to gastrointestinal disorders, migraine headaches to Parkinson’s and Alzheimers.

The science behind PEMF dates back centuries. As far back as 2000 B.C. the Chinese were known to rely on magnets for their healing purposes. Fast forward to the 20th century, Nikola Tesla is credited with developing the first modern day systems for therapeutic use.

Advances in electronic and computer technologies have recently been applied to the science behind the magnetic therapy, making it convenient and affordable for in-home use. It’s popularity is just beginning to catch on in the United States. The devices are used both clinically to help heal patients, as well as a tool for preventive maintenance and well-being.

ONE clients are invited to test the system at the salon. Treatment simply involves lying on what looks like a yoga mat for 20-minutes to an hour. The SwissBionic is the only system in the world to also include chromatherapy and audiotherapy which synchronize to stimulate specific regions of the brain to address the entire body at once.

As Marc explained; “Our bodies are designed to be self-healing. Over time, internal energy diminishes and when it declines to a certain point, the body becomes susceptible to disease and ailments. This therapy helps to restore and maintain the cell’s energy and intended efficiency in its original role so the body can protect itself and self-heal.”

Since working with the products, Marc has witnessed a Parkinson Disease patient eliminate his tremors and regain his ability to walk. Another client suffering from neuropathy so severe she could not feel her toes, had sensation to her feet return and she is walking with ease since using the therapy.

To have the experiences where after a haircut appointment a 65 year old client tells me “this is the first time I ever felt pretty”; or when a client I have been working with to help benefit his physical condition can come in with confidence and excitement for what we can accomplish next; or when a young girl suffering for two years with cluster migraines tells you her headache is gone after one PEMF session; I cannot tell you how emotionally gratifying it is to see the positive impact we can provide for our clients.”

This is why we created oNe Beauty Body Life.