Thinking back when I first got into the beauty industry 17 years ago, men taking the time or even the care to groom themselves was barely considered. At least, in my realm of training and work environments. I’m sure we have all heard the term “manscape” especially in the last 7 ish years. Fast forward to now and it is 100% accepted, trendy looked quite highly upon. I mean why shouldn’t men take time to take care of their appearance? Just because you’re a man,  doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care how you look and feel on a day to day basis like woman do.  If you’re a guy in the Rochester area who likes to indulge and look and feel amazing you are in luck. I would say almost every salon and spa now caters to men and their specific grooming needs. In my professional opinion, there is only one place for the one stop shop for men.

The newly built and expanded location of “ The Men’s Room” is the culmination of owners Craig and Rebecca’s hard work and dedication. Their idea has grown into THE gentleman’s place where guests of all ages can enjoy, relax, recharge and reinvent themselves. The Men’s Rooms Barber Lounge and Spa, is where you have go for all of your “manly” needs. Located in the heart of Brighton Ny at 2430 Monroe Ave this beautiful facility hasn’t missed any detail when it comes to providing our Rochester men with an amazing experience and great specials. They are open 6 days a week, M-Sat and closed on Sundays.

The treatment options range anywhere from haircuts to shoe shines. What I loved most about the facility was all the different variations and options given to truly offer an exceptional customized experience. Haircuts of course are their most popular service offered. Pricing rages, depending on if your “grooming specialist” is a junior, senior or master specialist, as they refer to it. Next stop after your cut could be what they call “camouflage” or a color treatment. Whether you want to blend some of that salt and pepper hair or you want a complete new color. They do it. Wether its the hair on your head OR your beard they got you covered. Pun intended. Speaking of beards, The Men’s Room has a wide range of facial hair services to maintain your beard or mustache with meticulous attention to detail. Beard trims, classic shaves, just the mustache, beard outline and the extraordinary shave just to name a few. Your options are endless.

If the salon portion isn’t enough for all of you manly men out there, The men’s room has quite the menu of spa services for all your relaxation needs as well. There are two different manicure options and two different pedicure options. The mini and luxury. Facials for the guy on the go with a quick 10 minute product application or the option of a 60 minute relaxing spa facial customized for men’s specific skin needs. From anti aging, to acne to a cleansing treatment for the hard to reach back area. If a facial isn’t relaxing enough, massage is the answer. 30 mins to 120 minute options. Spa enhancements like hand and foot scrubs, aromatherapy, facial peel and back scrubs make these treatments 100% customizable.

I mentioned earlier the word “manscaping” The Men’s room offers a menu option for all your waxing needs. Facial waxing including brows, ears and nostril. I know I what you’re thinking…Nostril????  let me tell you. The nostril waxing is one of my most popular facial waxing services for men AND women. Its life changing I promise!  There is also body waxing. Anything from Chest to back, shoulders, arms, underarm ect. And if waxing isn’t your thing, The Men’s Room also offers trimming of the body hair as well.

Lastly, and most importantly, The men’s room has a wide range of memberships and VIP package offers. For those of you who take grooming seriously their memberships are perfect for you. Choose your level of service and receive complimentary member benefits which include: 6 VIP new member passes for friends/family or business associates.$5 off facial waxing. Complimentary edge up service. Complimentary shoe shine. Save 10% on product purchase. Book standing appointments and member exclusive monthly specials. Options include 6 or 12 month memberships with price variations based on frequency of visits per month and also the level of specialist you choose to see. Pricing starting at $240.00 a month.

For more information regarding details on their services and packages please visit their website at by calling 585-461-5740.You wont be disappointed. Their goal is:  to create the perfect blend of old-world grooming with cutting-edge services for the modern gentleman, while helping him develop a great look and the confidence to take on anything.