In the ever-changing world of fashion, men’s apparel in particular is becoming more accepting of self-expression…

In the ever-changing world of fashion, men’s in particular is becoming more accepting of self-expression. Being expressive and creative is a little easier when it comes to street style because there are not as many rules. When you’re wearing a suit, it can be easy for guys who are not as fashion conscious to get whatever the fashion equivalent of writers block is. The thing is, the most important aspect of a suit is fit. It could be the most beautiful fabric in the world, but if it doesn’t fit right, it doesn’t look right. Other than that, just have fun with accessorizing. Making use of formal accessories shows that you are conscious of what you are wearing and that to you, it’s not a suit, or a work uniform- it’s an ensemble. It’s a collection that you’ve put time in to create and perfectly reflect yourself.

Lapel pins and flowers are hot right now. If you’re wearing a grey suit, brighten it up with a daisy on your lapel. Combine that with a white pocket square edged in daisy yellow, and you’ve got an ensemble.

Shirts also should be vibrant and colorful. Even white shirts…an underused trend is having a solid shirt made with contrasting fabric on the interior collar band, the interior cuff, or the placket (or all three). Going back to self-expression, cufflinks are a great way for men to tell people a little about themselves while also producing a more bespoke look. For instance, a golf enthusiast may adorn cufflinks shaped like little golf balls, or crossed golf clubs, a nautical enthusiast may wear a pair of anchor cufflinks, and the patriotic man’s may be shaped like bald eagles or American flags. So get french cuffs on your shirt!

Perhaps one of the most important accessories is a pocket square… they will always turn a boring suit and tie into a hip, stylish outfit and you can have fun with them, too. Pocket squares come in all different colors and patterns; whether you need a simple white silk square for your tuxedo, or a bright pink and purple floral piece, they always elevate any ensemble. Also, it’s often necessary to wear a jacket twice in a row. Simply switching to a different pocket square will turn it into a completely new look.

An inexpensive way to show off your style, and tie an outfit together is by wearing colorful or loud socks. With pants getting slimmer, hems need to be shorter so that your pant break doesn’t look like a wrinkled mess. This also means that when you sit down, or cross your legs, your socks will show. As long as people are going to see them, give them something to look at!

Don’t get me wrong, suits can also be fun, exciting, and certainly striking. There are a slew of fabrics to choose from, but it’s often the details that count here. Contrast stitching on button holes can add flare to any suit and is a small detail that will make a big difference. Similar to contrast fabrics on shirt interiors, the interior lining of suits are a great place to add color. Rich colors and patterns are often used here, and are a real eye catcher when taking a coat off.

Lets talk about fit. As I already mentioned, the trend is slim fit. This doesn’t mean your jacket button should be on the verge of popping off. Slim fit means your jacket is tailored to the the shape of your body. Pants should be tapered down the thighs, but not hugging them. Your jacket sleeves should end right above the bottom of your shirt cuff, and if you’re wearing slim pants, don’t let them hang down too far. You know your jacket is too tight when the lapel bends at the chest, and there is excess pulling at the button.

At Joeval’s Formalwear, we are introducing a new line of clothing providing custom shirts, made to measure suits and polos, as well as more casual wear and accessories. J.Hilburn goes to renowned Italian mills such as Zegna, Vitale Barberis, Loro Piana, and more. The great thing about this line is that we are offering exceptional quality at a fraction of the price, as well as quick delivery.

J.Hilburn made-to-measure suits have a litany of customizable options, as well as styles to fit someones body type. J.Hilburn suits are cut to the wearers tightness tolerance, so they are always comfortable. Some of the customizable aspects of a J.Hilburn suits include monograming, different types of lapels, how many vents, whether the wearer want a single or double breasted jacket, lining color, contrast stitching on button holes, and much more. We also offer vest to match jackets and trousers, for a three piece look.

Shirts also have a lot of options as far as fit and styling goes. You can choose what color buttons you want, contrast stitching again, what collar type/position you want, plenty of options for cuffs, contrast fabrics as I mentioned earlier, monogramming, and a lot more. Also, all J.Hilburn shirts come with your initials complimentary on the interior collar band!

J.Hilburn also offers much more than suits and dress shirts. We make blazers, polos, shorts, sweaters, ties and other accessories, etc. We also carry shoes and belts, as well as having the option of creating a made-to-measure mackintosh rain coat.

Fashions will always be changing, but great fit will never go out of style. Find your personal style at Joeval’s.
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