Things change. Societal norms adjust along with the times. Masculine meets feminine. Hard meets soft. Classic gets a contemporary upgrade. The beauty of today’s style is that anything goes, no matter what your age or gender. The age of barbering is making a comeback along with fun colors and dramatic styles. If you want to wear a colorful rainbow in your hair go for it.

Professional women and men can have even the slightest little shot of pink, purple, blue or red in their hair. In today’s fashion, it is expected to see a female executive with her hair tied back in a classic bun style, then to have her turn around and see that she has an undercut with a very edgy design shaved into the hair. Or maybe the male branch manager of a bank, his hair is slicked back and professional. But to see him out at happy hour, he can wear his hair long and it was only the sides and back that were cut short. The undercut is just one example of the mix of feminine and masculine.

Some of the hottest designers used the masculine hair styles on the runway. Ralph Lauren used a natural style with a center part on many models. The natural look for these styles, included where the models did not wear a lot of make-up.

Flat iron waves are also very popular. The crimped hair look is also resurfacing and being found on the latest runways. Black ribbons were tied in low ponytails. There is a wide array of trending looks to choose from. Find your passion and run with it.

If you take a look around, the fun colors are not for “punk style” kids anymore. Ladies of all ages are having fun with bright and vibrant colors. Achieving these colors often requires stripping or bleaching the hair. Special precautions must be taken to minimize damage to the hair.

Whether it’s a peek-a-boo shot of color or full bright highlights, it’s all acceptable and fun. Men are enjoying adding a little flash too. This is where the age and gender lines have crossed and blurred and intertwined. There are even elderly women walking around with purple hair. It’s the latest rave for everyone! Color your hair like an Easter egg! Become one with a jelly bean!

Ombre styles where the hair is two-toned have taken over and it will be rare to see women with mono-toned hair colors. Blorange is the latest rave of combining blonde and orange to resemble to colors of a sunset. These colors do not retain for long periods in hair (pastels and blorange).

As with other colors, using a color protectant shampoo is recommended. Straightened sleek hair accomplished with use of a flat iron is also a fashion trend. Damaged hair does not tend to look good in this type of hair style. To prevent burning of the hair make sure to use a hair protectant.

Extensions have made a comeback and are being used by women of all ethnicities. There are many types of extensions available. You can use an economical extensions or ponytails purchased at Walgreens or Walmart.

Hair beauty supply stores carry the clip on version and they can be quite more expensive. Long today, short tomorrow. The moral of the story is be you.

Mixing the barbering aspect of cutting and the softness of length gives the hair fashion a new and unique edge. The hard lines and edge-ups around the hairline or in a side or back undercut give the style a very sleek and clean look. Mixing that with multi colors and long locks gives a look all your own. That’s why this trend will be great for all ages. Your stylist can combine different cuts and colors to create an exclusive look just for you and your lifestyle.

The overall concept of 2017 is “anything goes”. Let’s remember we only live once. Eat the cake. If you want pink hair dye your hair pink. If you want to have a rainbow, have one. Paint the town with your hair color! Leave a lasting impression.  Always remember to make sure the damage caused by the procedure chosen is not counter-productive. Taking care of the hair is such a task. Other than that, color away. Have fun with it!