Spa treatments are known for being able to “leave everything else behind”. This month Rochester Woman Online’s Cheryl L. Kates Esq. (Managing Editor and Diva One) and Cassondra Kubuit ( Associate Editor and aspiring Diva) bring you the Diva’s Report on The Best You Salon and Spa in Webster.


I’ve worked in the spa industry for over 8 years and I can honestly say I’ve never had a mud wrap before. I’ve had plenty of facials, but never been wrapped up tight in mud. So, when I was asked by Kelly,(owner of Rochester Woman), to have a spa night with Christine, along with a facial, I , of course couldn’t refuse. We set up an appointment for later in the evening when it was nice and quiet and that that worked around our busy schedules.

Christine met me at the door and led me through the salon to her spa which is located on the second floor. Each space I walked through was filled with personal detail. One of the rooms even had this interesting texture on the wall and Christine told me that it was brown paper bags glued glued into place instead of wallpaper. It was a very unique way of decorating and recycling which brought a lot of character to the space.

Christine led me into her room where there was a spa robe set out for me to use. She then gave me paperwork to fill out that was very thorough, which made me feel better about having services done by her. I have very sensitive skin and a lot of allergies to chemicals and fragrances. So being able to let her know about my skin sensitivities was important. She explained everything that she would be doing and what kind of products that she would be using on me. When she left, I climbed onto her table and sunk into a nice warm cocoon. Christine was very prompt at coming back to the room. She started with exfoliating my back, arms and legs and then she painted each body part with mud. Yes, she painted me with a spa product brush that looks like a paint brush! Then she wrapped me up tightly and made sure that I was warm. Christine then proceeded to do my facial, which was just lovely.

Christine is a very friendly and passionate woman. I felt like I had known her for years
instead of just meeting her that night. She loves what she does and loves being able to help women and men look their best. She has so many different treatments that she provides to her clients.

The Best You offers a multitude of facials, peels, and body treatments. They also have an infrared blanket that helps with detoxifying the body, relieves sore muscles, improves the immune system, aids in the reduction of inflammation and can help with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Cheryl, our other resident Diva, will be talking about her experience with this awesome treatment later in the report. Christine also does a treatment that is called the Ultra Sonic Cavitation Fat Reduction. It is the latest FDA approved alternative treatment to Liposuction. It helps reduce cellulite, shapes the body, promotes the breakdown of fat cells. It is safe and pain free.There is also a Radio Frequency Skin Tightening treatment available that uses frequency to help tighten skin on the waist, back and abdomen,
an alternative to a tummy tuck. These are just a few of the services that The Best You provides. Pretty amazing right?

There are three types of spa connoisseurs; those who go regularly, those who treat themselves every once in a while and those forced to go because they received a gift certificate for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary or Valentine’s Day. I am definitely a regular; a spa groupie. The relaxation for even a short time period when there is no choice but to out everything down and clear your mind is definitely a reason my main reason in going. Christine Buff is mindful of the costs associated with obtaining multiple services for her clients, and realizes that “making a day of it” is usually cost prohibitive for most. But, by offering reduced prices, including 20% off your first time package deals, ensures everyone can access her services.

It was clear, providing these services was more than just a job to Christine. She discussed her background including working as a life coach. Her demeanor immediately allowed the guest to feel comfortable and welcome, encouraging conversation as I do not normally do well with strangers. I just like being quiet and relaxing. The décor was warm and inviting in my spa room. This was achieved through soft music, dim lighting and unique touches such as velvety leaves on the corners of objects, giving things an interesting twist.

The services I enjoyed that evening were the infrared blanket treatment and an amazing full facial. The infrared blanket is an hour long treatment where the guest is wrapped in a cocoon-like blanket with your arms at your side then your entire body up to your neck is wrapped tightly. The treatment is designed to detoxify, quicken lipolysis, enhance absorption of additional products and nutrients, relieves sore muscles improves the immune system and reduces some inflammation. The service is extremely economical and assisted in relieving some of the body pain I was experiencing prior to coming in. Wide arrays of different facials are available, including anti-aging, reduction of rosacea and hydration facials with products to fit all skin types and or situations.

The facial felt rejuvenating and my skin felt extremely clean and smooth afterwards. Both services were performed at the same time, so while you are able to relax and enjoy the treatments, they consider the
constraints on personal time for many of their clients.

In comparison with the dream spas, which Christine one day has a vision of owning, her services
are excellent. It was her personal demeanor which stood out the most. Someone you trusted to care for you. As women, our face is one of the most important features we have, so to us we need someone we can trust not to damage it.

Additionally, some of the products she used were the same products used in the spas on the luxury cruise ships. Christine also offers state-ofthe- art technology services such as light wave treatments. These specialty services are used to treat acne, rejuvenate skin and enhance appearance by stimulating the body’s own natural rejuvenating systems. These treatments are offered over a period of time. So many options in this one woman owned business.

This was an overall relaxing and rewarding experience. The comfortable atmosphere and welcoming nature made this an experience to remember. Check out the Best You Spa for some
“me time”. It is worth the drive to Webster!