Hello readers I’m hoping that this month finds you in great health, great spirits and most important some great shoes!! I am actually not a big fan of March , but I must say I am happy that it is finally here and New York Fashion Week is officially over!!
Although I promised myself this year I would not get caught up in the hustle and bustle of all of the fashion shows and events, it was completely unavoidable.  I battled the ice,snow and freezing cold of New York City to witness first-hand all of the hottest looks on the runway.

And the not so hot !

The first major trend on the runways were definitely stripes! They were everywhere! From the oversize Rugby’s  at Marc Jacobs to strategically-placed lines on accessories via Diane Von Furstenberg. I am not a fan as I am a very shapely woman and stripes really don’t do it for me! They usually make me look 10 times bigger than I am depending on where they are placed.
I usually avoid them altogether, but that is just a personal choice.

Nudes are definitely in for the spring and summer and I am all for it! Beautiful hues in every shade and skin tone were a sight to behold! From luxurious silk pants suits to ultra sheer dresses embellished with intricate patterns and hand beaded gemstones , there was definitely something for everyone’s taste. I truly believe you can never go wrong with these neutral pieces to mix and match even if you’re not comfortable wearing all nude from head to toe.

DKNY did not disappoint with casual sporty pieces in beautiful flesh tone colors which are perfect for a casual weekend anywhere in the world. There was a major comeback for rock star looks and I have to say I was most surprised with Ralph Lauren and their rendition of the eighties rocker looks which adorned the runway. Why? You may ask . I have always associated Ralph Lauren with the conservative “preppy” look I knew so well in high school. I absolutely do welcome this spin on the American Classics that they are known so well for.

Coach even had their rendition which I think they should definitely stick to making handbags they did not pull it off very well in my opinion. One of my favorite pieces with the rocker theme this year was a black studded leather biker jacket with beautiful fringes hanging just right by Rodarte. I am sure the jacket probably costs the same as a brand new Honda Accord but it is always nice to dream.

Another lingering Trend seems to be athletic inspired clothing of all sorts. I really don’t know how I feel about this trend it’s one thing to leave the gym and go to a cocktail party but I think the gym clothes need to stay behind in your locker . Hey but to each his own!! Some people obviously like looking like their at the tennis court while they are at a black tie event .Who would have known? Definitely not one of my favorite Trends this year!!

Let’s move on to my favorite part. The shoes! Let’s see, where do I even begin? I never thought I would say this but kitten heels are back in style. There were so many varieties my head was spinning! Prada had some very interesting low to the ground numbers as did Jason Wu. Aldo kitten heels have never been at the top of the sexy Shoe list they are good for tall people such as myself who do not want to add the extra height two their already towering frame. A good kitten heel is also nice with wide leg pants as they do not give you the high water effect that a stiletto or higher heel shoe may have when you are combining the two.

For my more vertically challenged readers you’re in luck also! Platforms are back and taller than ever!! With everyone from Gucci to Ferragamo putting their spin on these height enhancing masterpieces there is definitely something for everyone’s taste and budget as I am sure Aldo and Steve Madden will be replicating some of these Runway looks at a much more affordable price point.

As if we didn’t have enough of old man winter thus far,out came the boots! Louis Vuitton and Alexander McQueen were definitely my favorites! I could definitely see myself wearing some cool cut off shorts with a nice white button-down tied in the front and some cool mid-calf boots well I’m trekking around the city.

And my absolute favorite trend for this spring and summer? Pink!! Everything and anything pink you can imagine. There’s just something about this color that makes me feel happy youthful and girly ! Many relationship advice books advised single women to wear the color pink as it is very feminine and attractive to the opposite sex. I don’t know how true that exactly is but I do know that I feel extremely feminine and pretty when I wear any shade of  this beautiful color. Pink also works well with all skin tones.

Anyhoo, despite the blistering cold, Fashion Week definitely did not disappoint this year. Not only is it a spectacle to behold and a visual feast for the eyes it is also a place to network and bump into your fellow fashionistas who also  have a passion for fashion and live for this this time of year. There is definitely an unspoken  sense of camaraderie amongst everyone .
So while March can be a little uneventful , it is nice to know that it is women’s history month, a time to reflect on everything female.

For me fashion is definitely on my mind in March. We have come very far throughout the years and have made so much progress through trends, design, and style. I love to think about some of my favorite fashion icons such as Jackie Onassis, Princess Diana, Madonna, and Bianca Jagger. All stylish women in their own right trendsetters and Divas to the Core! May you celebrate this month in your own personal style and continue to look your best not only this spring but throughout the rest of 2017 !