The first time that I heard about Bodymind Float Center, I did all my research on floating in salt and what the benefits truly were.  I put their website in my favorites and started following them on Facebook.  Every time they popped up on my newsfeed I would say to myself I need to go and try them out.  I own an Integrated Wellness Center and I have had a ton of people ask me what I thought about the tanks.  Of course, I would list off the many benefits of floating, but I would have to say that I haven’t tried it myself, but I wanted too.

I was given a gift certificate to Bodymind Float Center for my birthday a while back and promised myself that I would make an appointment, but I never did.  I came across it on my next birthday and found that it had expired.  I was very upset with myself because I had really wanted to go and float in the salt tanks.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching I wanted to get something that was unique to do with my boyfriend, Mike, that wasn’t dinner, going to a bar, or to a movie.  And then my newsfeed popped up Bodymind Float Center once again, but this time it had a 20% off coupon.  Of course, we all love a discount so I clicked on it and decided to buy a couple’s float gift certificate for $76, normally $95.  Mike and I both suffer from neck and back pain and one of the great benefits of floating is pain relief.  Who doesn’t want pain relief? A perfect gift!

It was very easy to book an appointment.  They have an online booking system with pictures of each one of their tanks.  They have 6 different float tanks to choose from, two of which are big enough for two people.  They have two different styles of float tanks for a couple’s float.  One is a tank that is enclosed inside of the room, the other is the pool room which is open to the room.  The tank that is enclosed is quieter and a little warmer, this is the room we picked.

When we arrived at Bodymind Float Center we walked in and were asked to remove our shoes, this keeps the center clean from the outside world.  We checked in and were asked to watch a video on what to expect and what the procedures were before and after getting into the tanks.  We sat on a comfortable couch while we watched the video on a tablet, you only have to do this on your first visit if you didn’t do it at home.  Once we were done with that we were taken into our room and were told what to do and warned about how slippery salt water truly was.

They showed us where the bathrooms were and advised us to go to the bathroom beforehand, because 90 minutes was a long time.  They also showed us a room where there were hair dryers, hair gel, and combs to do your hair afterwards.  Then they walked us into a clean and pristine room with a large float tank.  The room had a shower and was stocked with body wash, shampoo, conditioner, facial cleanser, ear cleanser, ear plugs, and towels. We quickly rinsed off before we got into the tank.

The tank was a very large that fit the two of us very comfortable.  They had floating neck pillows that we slipped around our necks and got into the water.  It was a very interesting feeling of not being able to sink into the water.  You get a weightlessness feeling throughout your whole body, this weightlessness takes all the pressure off all your joints.  Absolute heaven.

Floating is meant to give you a quiet atmosphere where you can just relax and drift off to another world.  Mike stated later that he had been nervous that he was going to ruin the experience because he isn’t someone who can sit still in the quiet.  We of course talked while floating but it was an awesome experience of floating in a relaxed state and enjoying a good conversation.

We did have some mishap after the session when we were cleaning up afterwards.  They have a vinegar rinse to rinse off with, which helps remove the salt,  and I ended up putting it in my hair.  I have purple and teal in my hair and that stripped the purple and teal right out of my hair.  I ended up ruining a towel and a bit of my hair.  They do ask that you wait 2 weeks after getting your hair colored, I was 3 weeks out. I had no problem with the salt water it was the aftercare.  So just a head’s up for the anyone who colors their hair, bring a color safe shampoo and conditioner or wash your hair at home.

We loved the experience so much we ended up signing up for a membership, and to our surprise our first session was free.  They have 3 different memberships and two of them are sharable between 4 people.  This also gives you a discount on a couple’s float, floating more than once a month and on the salt room.  The salt room is a beautifully put together room where you sit for 45 minutes and breath in the salt air.  Breathing in the salt air has many health benefits, including helping with asthma and colds.

Mike and I loved the experience.  Mike was very calm and relaxed after the session.  We were also both pain free the whole day which isn’t something we experience very often.  We have already floated and sat in the salt room once again, only 4 days later.  Mike this time fell asleep while floating.  So, this was a very successful date, and Bodymind Float Center has gained two lifelong clients.