In Like a Lion.  Out Like a Lamb.
In Like a Lion.  Out Like a Lamb.
In Like a Lion.  Out Like a Lamb.
In Like a Lion.  Out Like a Lamb.

“In like a lion out like a lamb.” – Lamb Two Ways with Couscous, Red Wine Jus and Arugula Pesto.

The phrase has more to do with the unpredictability of weather than it does food. However, when cooking lamb, or composing a lamb “dish” it is very much like the weather. Sometimes unpredictable.

This “recipe” or guide works for lamb, chicken or beef and illustrates the use of several cuts to make a composed dish that will satisfy using available  ingredients in your fridge and pantry.

Lamb is not an inexpensive product, and to some an acquired taste. What we chose to do was lamb “two ways”, using the richness of the braised shank and the clean brighter flavor of the rack of lamb. We also added a starchy component, here we used Israeli Couscous. Finally we made a bright pesto from some arugula, mint, pea shoots, parmesan and olive oil.

Not only is this a great flavor profile, it is a great value by providing both depth of flavor and prime ingredients. Try it with chicken thighs and chicken breast or short ribs and flank steak.

As always, we are hoping to share ideas.

These photos will show you our process.

Thank you for joining us.

Next month – Cooking with Liquor. Sounds dangerously delicious.