The 6th sense, also known as our intuition, is still mired in fear, myth and misrepresentation. We share our passion for what we do and why we do it, and bring a “voice of reason” to a profession that has been thought to be an impossibility.

We are professional psychic-mediums, and offer reading services as well as instruction and presentations about the 6th sense and the process of psychic-mediumship. We believe that the 6th sense is a natural ability we all possess which can be sharpened to be trusted life guidance and a valuable communication tool we can use for ourselves, as well as a service to others. How it started:

Susan: I have been seeing spirits since I was a child. The experiences were not frightening until I realized that my parents didn’t see what I saw. My parents were wonderful people who didn’t understand and thought I was sleepwalking. Since they didn’t believe, I grew more fearful about the experiences I was having, many of which can be chalked up to spirit activity but I blocked much of it out. In 2001, I became very ill which resulted in a near death experience. I remember all of it, the feeling of lightness, the peace I felt and the knowledge I was given, including the knowledge that my beloved grandmother would soon pass and that it would come just before Christmas. I saw her sitting with my deceased grandfather who was a wonderful man. The feeling was not one of dread or fear, but joy of everlasting life.

It took many years to recover after my illness. However, I was experiencing a burst of energetic information in that I saw things about people and I heard things about situations as though I was in the middle of conversations only to become quickly aware that the conversation had not yet taken place. I experienced communications from those who had passed and it was so clear that I sometimes didn’t realize the person was deceased.

Having this near-death experience didn’t give me any extra senses…they were the same senses and experiences I had as a child. The difference was, the fear was gone. The fear that I had as a young child that kept me up at night with my heart pounding and sent me into complete panic running through the darkened hallway of my home. That fear was gone…for good. I am left with the peace and joy of knowing everlasting life and I keep that with me into my life every day. I brought this peace into the moment of my dear father’s passing, knowing that he was experiencing the feeling of lightness, joy and peace, surrounded by those that loved him in this life.

These are the emotions that I feel with every reading. People ask “Doesn’t this work exhaust you? Isn’t it hard to hear the terrible things that happen?” The answer is that I have been to the end and back and I’ve been to what we fear most. I’m accessing the information of another who resides there, in this place of peace. It’s an honor to be given the opportunity to open my heart and be their mouthpiece so that the living can be healed through their words. No, it doesn’t exhaust me and it doesn’t make me sad. This is a joyous ability that I will share willingly and wholeheartedly.

Connie: I always knew I was intuitive. Being raised in a Catholic-Italian family, we went as far as astrology and did not talk about intuition or psychics. So on with my life of raising a family and working at Kodak for 30 years as an administrative assistant in manufacturing, my world was information, organized and quantified. In my late forties, after a divorce and kids off to college, I remember watching a PBS show on Edgar Cayce, the trance channel who remotely connected with people to heal and guide. As a person trained in process, I wondered how he did that. I found books on near-death experiences, spirit guides and energy healing and eventually worked with a small group of women interested in the same thing. It was after attending a Spiritualist church that I studied mediumship and met Sue, who eventually joined me at The Purple Door to offer her services and workshops on psychic-mediumship.

Why we do it: This understanding comes from our experiences as psychic-mediums, through countless readings, discussions, classes and personal life events. We have realized old-world thinking no longer applies to the contemporary psychic-medium. Our experiences have shown us a different, more infinite universe of information than what we were originally taught, and even what’s in most “new age” books of today. If we look at what the 6th sense is, we also must look at what it is not. Even in this new age of information, the problem has been that folklore, myths and Hollywood have taken a natural sense and associated fear and mystery where it is concerned. Furthermore, religious/spiritual dogma and societal norms have hindered an unbiased look at the psychic self. But the science of energy and mind are on our side, and dovetail with our understanding of the information available through extra sensory perception. Our passion is to educate the consumer as well as the reader (the psychic-medium) in the positive power of intuition which is the connection to the energies around us. We are finding that beliefs place people in either a state of “fear or fabulous.” Fear (false evidence appearing real) paints the picture of a place where negative energy or entity exist.

When we sense fear, our brain sends us into “fight or flight” and prevents us from moving through the entire experience. In other words, we don’t take it any farther than fear. Fabulous is a result of the old world thinking that psychic ability is a gift for only a chosen few. It is also the result of new age razz-ma-taz labeling people as a Lightworker, an Indigo or Crystal child, a Star Child, etc. Here’s the thing…everyday people have psychic experiences, synchronicities and intuitive moments. One does not need to be “on a spiritual path,” know the chakras or wear crystals to explore and engage their 6th sense.

An ego-centered mindset of being special or having a “look what I can do” mentality takes a natural sense and dilutes its true nature. The risk is when the psychic-medium comes from this perspective, they place their own importance (beliefs, opinions, biases) ahead of the authentic information and the client. There is no room for the reader’s own beliefs, life experiences or opinions as this covers up the connection to higher thought and guidance. As with any other profession, there are those that are not true and take advantage of another by not serving the highest good. There are also those that cloud their interpretation of the information with bias, fear and judgement, oftentimes from their spiritual beliefs, childhood upbringing, or misinformation from the unreliable or outdated sources. We feel the 6th sense is the gateway to information that is seen, heard, felt (emotionally and physically) and even tasted as it is translated through our physical senses as well as our mind (felt as a “just knowing”). This sense is energy that the brain interprets. The purpose to share this information with someone is to uplift and empower, comfort and heal. Today’s psychic-medium must seek to continuously improve the understanding of their 6th sense, to receive the authentic information and provide the utmost of service and responsibility in relaying that information accurately to the client. To this end, we strive to demystify psychic experiences and redefine the work and service of today’s psychic-medium through our services, books, classes and presentations. Our first book “Everyday Conversations: The Key to the Contemporary Medium – Unlocking the Myths” offers an understanding of the definition and use of the 6th sense in our everyday lives. We have followed it up with a companion workbook,

“Unlocking Your 6th Sense” which is a step-in process that allows you to naturally access your own 6th sense for intuitive guidance. The Purple Door is in the Win-Jeff Plaza, 3259 Winton Rd South, Rochester NY. Our books, classes