Welcome to my world. As a poet, painter, and pianist, my inner world is rich with lyrics, color and music. I have a vivid imagination and believe in the infinite beauty of the world around us. Although the world is certainly resplendent with magic there is a large amount of pain in our daily lives. I do not believe we are alive to merely survive. I believe we all have the exponential potential to become the very best of ourselves. I believe in the power of not only my destiny but yours as well. I believe that you have a purpose to serve on this Earth. I believe that you have something to offer that only you can. Everyday life offers me more puzzle pieces to construct this grand algorithm that is my existence. I try to inspire every life I touch to become the Divine Light they contain.

How does one recover from the struggle? Rain finds the sunshine in every day and tunes out the storm. An 88 cent can of Chef Boyardee, sometimes cold was all she had to comfort the pangs of hunger, after sleeping a restless night on the cold, hard pavement of the sidewalk. But she rose above. Even being the victim of rape, seeing the true darkness from a human being who steals the ability from a woman to feel safe from another, she rose above How does showing someone a fishbowl for sale end up being the ultimate violation? Words were not enough to bring justice. How does a man go free? Rain effortlessly states: “These things are part of your soul”. Words now bring healing and power. Rain expresses her world through her words in poetry, song and theater.

Rain Christi’s dream and vision is to create a safe place. This place of hers, is a vision of a unique place for all, a community wellness center, a place where all people can seek to find their voice and be heard by others, a place to listen and understand. A special place, a place where through the arts, music, poetry, dance and theater everyday people can find peace and healing to comfort their soul. A community center, where everyone can obtain services, despite their race, income-level, sexuality or any other reason. A place, where there are no worries about payment, where the fees for services are affordable for all people. That is her dream, let it Rain!

Rain is currently a graduate student in the Master’s Program of Divinity at Colgate. Rain calls it a spiritual journey she is embarking on exploring the spiritual realm. A Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology formed the foundation of the philosophy of Rain. Catharsis is something Rain believes is a powerful tool in emotional, physical and spiritual healing. Let it Rain! See the good, Rain believes in the exponential potential in all human beings. Why must we fit into an organized mold?

Why is it that having heart disease is okay but mental illness is not? Traditional medicine, patients are suffering but they are at a place where their illness is recognized as a valid disease. There are people plagued with substance addiction and people suffering from mental health ailments and it’s all a different story. The stigma is unreal. Rain hopes that through her community center all people can find peace and holistic health. Let it Rain.

Rain is actively working on her third album. She hopes to release it this spring. Rain lives through her music. When she plays at Rochester Woman Online events, no one in the room leaves untouched by the beauty of her music. It is music for the soul. When asked how she has the strength to work through everything she lived Rain indicates her art is her venue. She finds her space. Western and American culture promotes traditional organized religion but Rain does not. She emphatically stated: “We must allow space for people to be themselves”.

Rain points out: “ I believe society has spiraled downward so far where so many people have forgot how to love themselves let along someone else”. She also finds strength in the love she shares with her partner Will. Will is a spoken word artist. Rain recalls how they were both in a struggle when they first met.  “I never thought I would find love over a piece of sweet potato pie at the Charleston House” Rain says smiling.

Rain is happy with her life right now. She found her voice and she shares it with the world. She found the love of her life and she plans to live happily ever after.

She leaves us by saying, “I have fulfilled many dreams so far. I work on my vision every day. Your life is a gift. Live it to the fullest. Stay present in every moment. Allow each obstacle to make you stronger and be grateful for every joy offered. Come walk with me and may we enjoy the road home”.

Let it Rain.