The new project “MasterMind Lounge” is an innovative, connection between aspirations and dreams with a way to connect to the professionals who make a living in entertainment, music or sports etc. The networking opportunity presented here is the “baby” of none other than WHAM 1180’s radio host and attorney Robert Brenna Jr. Six years ago, this exciting venture began to take Rochester into learning about a whole new way of networking and mentoring.

Brenna said he is humbled having the opportunity to work with professionals such as John Beck, professor emeritus at Eastman School of Music. Beck serves as the Executive Director of Music for MasterMind Lounge. He not only has his own endowed scholarship at the Eastman, but continually travels the world. Now instead, he judges music competition. His book Percussion Matters is available at One Hundred percent of the proceeds will be going to the John Beck scholarship fund.

MasterMind Lounge’s Executive Director of Sports/Mentor, Steve Christie still holds many world records including the record for the longest Super Bowl field goal, and the biggest comeback kick in the NFL. He is one of only two kickers in NFL history to recover two of his own onside kicks and holds the record for the Buffalo Bills for the longest field goal (58 yards).
Nick Francesco (Executive Director of IT), James Foreman (CFO) Robert Brenna Jr. (CEO), Bruce Pilato (Executive Director of talent acquisition and marketing), David Sieling (Executive Assistant to the CEO), and Tom Rivers (Project Manager of New Launch) also grace the organization with their expertise and talents.

“Have you ever wished you could chat with your favorite sports figure? Have you ever needed to audition for a band or a school or even an orchestra in another city without leaving your own home? Or discussing strategies with the greatest coaches in the business? Would a class on computer security help you or your business? Would a one-on-one with a network administrator be beneficial? The service we offer is state-of-the-art technology which for the first time enables interaction with mentors and professionals with people the general public would not otherwise be able to contact”.
Some of the additional services the public can access from the MasterMind Lounge include obtaining a clearing house of mentoring and education (a simple guitar lesson with a master, a one-on-one session with a sports idol, or a discussion of marketing for a start-up business for a corporation). There are several levels of opportunities with access to the most accomplished musicians, sports icons, celebrities, artists, business executives, education, attorneys, physicians, and marketing strategists.

Bob explains “What is the MasterMind Lounge?” during our interview:

“I began the Mastermind Lounge almost 6 years ago by deciding I could really have the possibility of achieving a new concept and bringing it to fruition.” He continues saying, “The people involved are unbelievably top-notched, talented professionals who strive to share their knowledge in their fields to make a difference. This is a largely self-funded project where I have the chance to work alongside my wife Judy. Being an attorney takes up most of my time. MasterMinds Lounge allows me to have a connection with something I love and to share it with others”.
Robert Brenna Jr. has enjoyed music his entire life. His father had his own big band before joining the military in World War II. After returning from war and beginning his law practice, Brenna’s father played big band recordings for his young son Bobby. Perhaps this was the genesis of MasterMinds Lounge. At the age of 12, Bob asked for a drum set. This is where it all started. Bob continued to play the drums and perfect his craft throughout high school and college. Bob solidified his commitment to try to be the best drummer he could be.

Bob learned his connection with music made it easier for him to meet new people and establish relationships even in a new city when he moved to Boston. Once he was in law school, he stopped playing in bands for fear of having his attention divided, but he did manage 3 bands. Over the years, his passion for music grew. He realized that there were exceptional musicians who could barely make a living. Prior to adding sports, business consulting, etc., the original concept of Mastermind Lounge was aimed to assist musicians by giving them a way to enhance their income, on their terms and on their schedule.

Brenna explains that the concept behind began when he realized how many brilliant musicians could barely earn a because of the music industries changes over the past four decades. Now, a sports icon or even a musician on tour can give a lesson to a student anywhere in the world even if they are teaching from their hotel room. Musicians have the ability to teach to anyone who wanted a session with them anywhere in the world from their own apartment or home without giving up their personal information through updated technology. This concept eliminated typical issues when giving access to the public such as – i.e. no drunk dials in the middle of the night. This allowed for a steady means for amazing musicians to earn more money.

Although Mastermind Lounge is a-for-profit business – the secondary gain is to reach out to impoverished youth who may have no hope under the current paradigm. This means mentors have the option to voluntarily help others who have never had the advantages in life we all deserve. The concept of the Mastermind Lounge is constantly adapting to serve any needs which are identified as the concept grows.

Robert L. Brenna Jr. is a founding partner in the Rochester law firm of Brenna Boyce PLLC. which his father began. Over the last three decades, Brenna actively represents people who suffer from catastrophic injuries. Brenna is the past president of the New York State Academy of Trial Lawyers, has been honored by super lawyers, Best Lawyers of America and is a fellow in the Litigation Counsel of America. For 20 years, Brenna has hosted a Sunday morning radio program, “The Brenna Boyce Law Forum,” on WHAM 1180 AM at 8 a.m., online at