The number 3 is a powerful number. It represents many things. On a personal level, it usually represents saying “I Love You” to a loved one. In business the number 3 is the power number that helps you to define your day and your goals.

In your personal life, your SSN or Social Security Number is what defines you to your bank, your doctor, the government, etc. In business, your SSN stands for Search, Social and Networking. This SSN allows you to define it. The power of 3. Simple steps you take to claim your digital presence and to increase your influence.  Let’s look at them separately. If you do the things in each section I have outlined below, you will see an increase in your influence, your appointments and higher quality prospects to increase your business.


People are searching for you online. They are searching for what your business offers. Can they find you? Are you setting the right goals for your online search presence? Try the power of 3:

  • Daily find out what your prospects want to know from you. What do they want you to talk about? Where are those conversations happening and how can you bring them to your website? Every day find these conversations and engage. Offer advice, drive them to your blog post on the subject or send them a resource.
  • Take small steps every day to upgrade your website with images, blog posts, or repurposed content. Respond to comments on your blog posts by offering your advice or a resource you trust. Your prospects will begin to think of you as the expert you are.
  • Use tools like Google Alert to keep you on top of the important things happening in your industry. This tool brings fresh Google content to your inbox so you can start conversations in your communities or blog about a hot topic and get the conversation started on your website.

Social Media

Social media is an important part of the digital life of any business today. It is important that you are engaged in conversations with your followers and fans. It’s more important to go beyond the clicks, likes and follows to provide real solutions for your fans and followers.

Each week take time to understand your audience. What content do they consumer most often? How often do they consume content on your social sites? When do they visit your website? When do th

1) Set a goal of understanding your audience & their content consumption on your social sites. Do not chase the algorithm you will only be disappointed.
2) Take small steps each day to find content and create content your audience wants – you can use tools such as Hootsuite, Sprout Social, Buffer, etc. One step each day is to experiment with content ideas.
3) Most importantly interact with your followers, prospects, clients on your social sites and on theirs. Conversation builds relationships, not Likes, Follows or Shares – if that is your only strategy – it’s like a bad coffee date.