Rebecca Dodge and Alexis (Lex) Suyat-Smith definitely fit the part of brains and beauty. This dynamic female duo is behind the success of the up-and-coming Brass Bar & Lounge on East and Alexander. Couple them with the vast experience of the owners who own several other downtown venues, and between them this is a dream team to be reckoned with. Recently, celebrating a one year anniversary, this prohibition-style lounge and everything about it, is a unique experience in downtown Rochester’s East and Alexander night scene. Experience a Manhattan-like sophisticated atmosphere, without NYC lounge prices.

Alexis Suyat-Smith, Hospitality Manager, and Rebecca Dodge, Events Coordinator, Brass Bar and Lounge, Rochester, NY. Photo by Brandon Vick,

Grab a cocktail! Blueberry Lemonade Sangria Spritzer please;  Raspberry Prosecco Bellini for my friend. Gentlemen whiskey , scotch  or a craft beer? Whether it’s Ladies Night or a Bachelor Party this venue will create an event producing life-long memories. Check out the exclusive VIP area with bottle service.  Looking for an interesting, fun “Happy Hour” after punching out Friday after work, Brass is the place to be. Enjoy the sultry jazz sounds of local bands like Paradigm Shift or The Midnight City. Jazz Friday is the way to kick-start the weekend. Live entertainment has a certain aura to get everyone’s fingers popping. Don’t miss the in-house saxophonist Danny Win and the bongo player Frankie Diaz. In-house DJ’s Peppi and DJ Serrano spin for your musical enjoyment.

Rebecca Dodge, joined the team through her affiliation with one of the owner’s Louie. Of all interesting stories, they met each other through playing on a kickball league.  Rebecca is the events coordinator at Brass. She is your go-to for planning extravagant rehearsal dinners, private parties or corporate events. She is very proud of the way she works with her co-workers at the lounge and dubs them “the dream team”. She loves the family atmosphere and emphasizes “we are all part of the team”. Rebecca works hand-in-hand with general manager Alexis (Lex) Surat-Smith to ensure Brass continues as an up-and-coming venue.

The ladies as Rebecca describes them are “like an  Oreo cookie.  It’s amazing how well we work together because we are vastly different but can find the happy medium”.  Rebecca sends the duo’s photo so the characteristic makes sense. Rebecca is the blonde bombshell. She is a natural beauty. Lex is a spicy, dark-haired beauty. Together they are women who have risen to the top.

Rebecca said she was a little unsure when being offered the job at Brass. She’s married and is the mother of a son. She enjoys the settled-down family life and was not the “going out, party girl”. Everyone thinks when working in the night scene there will be late-night hours. Rebecca wasn’t going to sacrifice her family time. Being an events coordinator, allowed her to work day-time hours and Lex as the general manager handles the management of the lounge.

Rebecca stated: “I’m not a party girl. I’m a mom and a wife so I was concerned being an event planner at a lounge because I couldn’t see myself at a job until 3 am away from my family which moms should be home. My position here is very accommodating and it’s allowed me to undergo a metamorphosis from planning Aunt Sally’s wedding on my own to becoming a vital part of the Brass Lounge Dream Team”.

Rebecca is also an entrepreneur and she owns “Untamed Elegance” a spray tan business, she operates out of her home.

Alexis “Lex” Suyat-Smith is also a phenomenal young woman rising to the top of the entertainment sector as the general manager at Brass. Alexis was an untapped talent. Owners took a chance and Alexis grabbed the opportunity and soared. Alexis is the true example of an aspiring talent who rose to the top. At age 20, she came in at Brass and started as a “wrist band girl” working the door. She decided this is not what she wanted to do.

Like most 20-year-olds, Alexis didn’t really know coming in what she wanted to do with her life. She worked previously, at two restaurants and a pizzeria.

She states: “I spent a lot of my younger years not knowing what I wanted. I started working at 15 at a pizzeria. I did some bartending and serving. I was waiting to find my way in life. I think I found it. We definitely have the potential to grow as a team, as a business and as a work family”.

Lex, after doing wrist bands, switched to bottle service server and then jumped in to help behind the bar. When the general manager was out she started filling in. The job opened up and Louie approached Lex to step in. She took the general manager position.

When asked:  “Why is Brass a unique entertainment venue?”

Lex stated: “It is very similar to what you will find in an upscale, sophsticated establishment in NYC without the high prices. We offer everything you find there, high style entertainment with our in house saxophonist and bongos. It’s a nice atmosphere where you can dress up go out and have fun!”